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Beauty Product Reviews

very small amount of product

I love this brand and this is a lovely liquid highlight with great lasting power - but like some of the other reviewers I was very disappointed with how little product there is in the tube. I feel like I've only gotten a few uses out of it before it's nearly empty, which is surprising and disappointing.

Fun ... but too glittery!

I'm having trouble figuring out when to really wear these (I got Ibiza and Moon Beach.)

Moon Beach is more versatile - it works as a shimmery, glowy blush on my fair skin ... but Ibiza is waaaay too glittery to be used most places. There's glitter of varying sizes (up to pretty big pieces!) and so it's definitely not suitable for a contour or even to add an all over glow (otherwise you end up with big pieces of glitter on your cheeks, nose, forehead and chin and it's a bit much.)

I've played around with using it as eyeshadow for going out, and can see it being fun by-the-pool makeup if I'm on vacation.

On the plus side, the formula glides and blends well, is buildable, and smells really yummy.

Good color - bad application

I'm not sure if I got a bad one - but mine was quite dry. There was no real way to blend post-application and it tugged on my lid so it never went on quite right. Also, there would be some fallout from the glitter so that would end up under my eyes and on my cheekbones.

Very lovely color, looked good with my blue eyes as promised - just didn't love the texture.

Love! Big but precise

I use this with Charlotte Tilbury's bronzer ... it allows me to start sheer and give myself a very subtle contour and glow for daytime. I can even do a day time contour under my cheekbones that looks really natural using this. Big, fluffy, soft and keeps it shape after washing. LOVE

Staple for every day!!

Most days I prefer a thin layer of (Charlotte Tilbury) foundation and find that this give the best look. I've experimented with different foundation brushes (the flat style,) just using my fingers, using my BeautyBlender but this one is the best.

I'm able to buff the product into my skin, it keeps the effect very dewy, gives really great coverage but still looks natural. I use my BeautyBlender to pat on concealer on the days it's needed but always finish with this brush to give me a natural, almost airbrushed look.

Don't forget to clean it regularly to keep your skin clear!

the nude lip of my dreams

I honestly didn't know a nude lip could have this much of an impact. It's a very distinct nude (different than I'm used to,) but still subtle enough for daytime/work wear. Not too beige or brown...just enough peachiness to warm up my face and make my eyes pop. I also highly recommend the iconic nude lip cheat liner and the first love blusher from Charlotte (coordinated to pair with this shade) as they all come together to form a naturally sexy look.

My new signature scent

I couldn't love this more. The packaging, the quality, the longevity and the complex scent are just incredible. It's not too overpowering, but not too subtle. Very sexy, spicy, warm and yet sweet. It starts off on me being a little too spicy but quickly mellows out to be a deep yet soft scent that I can't get enough of (or enough compliments on) all day. I really adore all her perfumes, but this one is my favorite.

High quality - scent may not be for everyone

This perfume is dense and very long lasting. An incredible value for the cost. I only knocked one star off for personal's not my favorite of her perfumes. To me, this is a fairly masculine scent (in a good way.) It's strong and earthy, and on me smells most strongly of leather. Very cool to have for certain occasions, and I'm glad I bought it, but it's not something I can wear everyday. A great statement scent.

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New necessity for me

This is the best way I've found to apply cream/liquid foundations and concealers. I've tried everything - expensive brushes, just using my fingers, and even beautyblender knock offs...but this thing is amazing. By using this in a stippling motion, it quickly blends pristinely well while maintaining full coverage. It's easy to use and the solid cleaner is awesome for not only the beautyblender but all my brushes. I can't live without this anymore!

Contour powder is the stand out

The amount of product is good for the price, and the contour color is the most perfect I've ever tried. I'm very fair and it builds nicely without looking muddy. The bronzer is a little dark for me - but I use it successfully with a light hand and it ends up looking natural. The highlight color is something I'm still playing around doesn't show up very well on my skin, but I'm sure that layered under a different highlighter or over a creamier foundation/concealer it will work well. The brush is small-ish but surprisingly good quality.

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