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Beauty Product Reviews


This palette is so beautiful! The quality is there and the colors are super pretty and neutral. This is a great everyday wearable palette that’s long lasting. Highly recommend!

I’m in love!

This is such an amazing palette! The cream highlight and blush just melt into the skin and last all day. I love every shade in this palette and would highly recommend.

High Quality!

These palettes are simply amazing! Beautiful and buttery they are a warm toned lovers dream. Yes it’s pricy but since the pans are huge and the pigmentation, it’s going to last a really long time and is worth the money. I do recommend using a matte primer underneath if your lids are oily though, or they will not last as long. UD Primer Potion works well for me and the shadows last 11+ hours.


I would give this palette more stars if I could! It’s super buttery and smooth and extremely long lasting (used UD original primer potion). After buying the Lila palette I decided I had to have this. It’s pricy but the pans are huge and due to how pigmented they are it will last a very long time. I highly recommend!

I will use this forever!

I received a sample of this and had to immediately go and buy more! First off it smells amazing (jasmine?) and it has a thick balmy texture that just melts into the skin. I use this with a facial oil and my skin is so soft in the morning. I'm fairly new to Charlotte Tillbury but I'm quickly becoming obsessed!

I received a sample of this from Beautylish and fell in love! It sinks into the skin and does not get heavy or break me out. I have a pretty lengthy skincare regiment and this helps keep my makeup on and looking beautiful. Highly recommend!

Perfect Gold!

I wanted to purchase this because I'm a glow junkie and I've heard such good things about Charlotte Tillbury products. Love this highlight! It is smooth and light, yet it blinds on the cheekbones when applied with a dense brush. It sinks into my 37 year old skin and did not emphasize anything. I have to say I also like the packaging and am not complaining about the cardboard because it's cute. The price is good and I highly recommend this. I also wanted to give a special shoutout to Beautylish for sending me a new one after my original order came damaged, they were so awesome!

Great tool!

Love the Tweezerman brand I always go with these because they are great at removing stubborn hairs. They are also long lasting and I love the color!


I was super excited to receive this and I ordered as soon as it launched. It's so beautiful and sparkly in the tube and although it shears out on the lips it adds a nice touch to my lipstick without being too crazy (but if you don't like a little glitter you may not love this). But the best part is the smell! Jouer has the best smelling lipsticks on the planet and you feel like you are inhaling a cupcake which in makes me want to wear it everyday. Love this brand and I highly recommend!

This is such a beautiful highlight! It's warm toned and reminds me a lot of Champagne Pop by Becca. It's nicer however because it sinks into the skin and doesn't emphasize pores. The only complaint I have is it's not as long lasting as a MAC highlight not overall I highly recommend.