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So Different!

This lip gloss is so different! The iridescent blue sparkle in it takes it to the next dimension! I like it alone when I want a more fun look, and wear it over colors to make the lipsticks pop. I love the formula as well. It's hydrating without stickiness and wears an hour or two for me.

Perfect for Me!!

I have always had a fat face. When I learned about contouring it excited me to give my cheeks some shape. However, because of brushes used, and the tendency to have a heavy hand, I could never achieve the look I was going for. So I took a chance and ordered this brush. I was worried when I got it, though, because it's sparse. I ignored the worry and tried it both for contour and blush. I was immediately blown away! There, on my face, was the exact look I had been going for. Lightly contoured cheeks that looked natural on my face. I use this brush now for contouring, blush and highlighter. It is very soft and applies powder without moving any other product on my face. If you're looking for a brush to help your heavy hand, I highly recommend this!

Truly Amazed

I agonized over getting this brush because was it really worth $85? But I decided to just take the risk. I am so glad I did. I have dry skin and have struggled with brushes being too rough and accentuating the dry skin. But this brush, this brush has fixed it! I used it to apply my mineral makeup, and it was flawless. I then used it for blush and highlighting and still flawless! This was well worth the cost, and if I had to do it again, the only thing I would change would be to buy it sooner!

A novice's point of view

I am in no way near a professional, so when I wanted to start creating eye looks slightly more advanced, I found my brushes held me back. I took a chance though and ordered this (and brushes 03, 06, and 07) and achieved the look I've been wanting. I am simply amazed at how just changing the brushes I used could make such a difference. I used this to apply shadow to my outer v of my eye and it worked perfectly! I highly recommend!