Beauty Product Reviews

Subtle color with a sheer finish

This product is perfect when I want subtle color and a sheer finish without the risk of color in unwanted areas. It has a pleasant feel and light scent reminiscent of a toasted marshmallow.

My favorite blush

I first purchased the Beach Bomb color. I really liked the feel of the blush however it was a bit too robust for my complexion. My second pick Bohemian Flirt was just right. It goes on oh so smooth and lasts all day. The size of the compact is small though weighty. Certainly By Terry quality and is long lasting so it's worth the price.

Great cleanser for the shower

I use Bio-Derma daily for light cleansing and eye make-up remover but lately I have been using this for a deeper in shower cleanser. Although there is no lather, it does leave my skin feeling extra clean. My skin and nose are extra sensitive and although it didn't smell like any particular fragrance I did not find the smell to be objectionable. I liked knowing that the ingredients are unrefined and plant based.

Very Floral but not overpowering

When I have a long day of work or travel, I like starting the day with a body spray. One that can withstand the day without being overpowering. This scent is very floral but within just a couple minutes of application it has dissipated enough to be just enough for a light scent.

Compact and a great take along for travel

I own 2 shades of this product, Golden Peach and Paradiso. I love that it is 2 products in one small pot. The formula is smooth and creamy. It lasts all day and can easily be applied when I am on the go.

I gave this shade to my mid 20's daughter who's olive complexion and she loved it!

This goes on smooth and dries matte. It lasts all day and it looks amazing on my daughter who is a darker complexion than I am. After seeing how great it looked and lasted on her, I thought I might order a slightly lighter shade for me.

Good curl control without feeling stiff or sticky

I have a love hate relationship with my naturally curly hair because I never know if I'm going have a good hair day. I hate the unpredictability and I am always in search of a product that can turn my curly hair into the asset it can be. I love a product that I can apply to wet hair and go, or diffuse. This product smells nice, has a light texture and holds my curl without a stiff or sticky feeling. While it is on the pricey side, I've learned that the right product it better than a cabinet full of low priced products that don't quite work.

Great pigments/easy to use

Thanks to incredible customer service and fast shipping I was thrilled to receive my palette today. I love the smaller palette size since it will be easier for frequent travel. I love the colors and the combination of finishes. I have 2 other Natasha eyeshadow palettes but I can already tell that I will use this one frequently because the tones are all beautiful and the combinations are endless and easy for anyone to use.

Super soft and really do fit into the socket and small spaces

As soon as i got my brushes, I watched Wayne's video description and tried each brush as Wayne described it. I am super excited and certain that these will help me to do my eyes more preciously then I have done before. While it is true that this set is mostly for the purpose of creasing or to contour, I feel this is fine since I already have brushes that serve my other needs. This set is very well made-Thanks Wayne and Beautylish for your super fast shipping.

I love this product

Normally I struggle with lip products because I want my lips to look finished but I dislike most lipsticks due to the way they feel on my lips or the fact that the color always ends up in the wrong places! This product feels great on my lips, gives me the polished look and I don't worry about where it may end up. This in now my go to product for beautiful lips.

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