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Oct 22, 2013

Mikayla B.

It says you commented but I can't see it ): maybe start a new account?! I'm sure you'd get all your old followers back.

Oct 12, 2013

Mikayla B.

I've been wondering where you were!! YOUR COMMENT SHOWED UP ON A THREAD! (:(: its fixed!

Sep 13, 2013

Morgan E.

Thanks so much for the follow!!

Sep 14, 2013

Emily S.

Why wouldn't I? :) loving the braces and your eyeliner!

Sep 02, 2013

Angel O.

Havent seen you on beautylish in awhile? Thanks for follow.

Sep 29, 2013

Emily S.

It's because my account is broken :( you probably can't even read my reply but might as well try!

Aug 16, 2013

Kate Z.

Thanks for following!

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Emily S.

Still haven't gotten my account fixed

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About Me

If you're wondering why I've been gone, its because my comments aren't showing up! I've been commenting on every single thread and I'm the only one who can see them. I really hope my account gets fixed soon, I don't want you to think I just left, love you all 😘

Eye Color: Brown
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