Beauty Product Reviews

Fantastic color and great formula!

I was almost hesitant to purchase this. One, I usually find matte lipsticks to be very drying, and I always make sure that my lips are well-moisturized beforehand. Two, what if this was all just a bunch of hype? Three, it's not exactly cheap. Despite my initial reservations, I found the color "Lost Cherry" so pretty that in the end, I thought what the heck and ordered it. As usual, Beautylish came through and I got my package super-fast, and so nicely packaged and with such a sweet handwritten note, too! First of all, whoever buys this should realize that it's a matte lipstick -- I repeat, it's MATTE -- it will NEVER be a hydrating lipstick! If you're looking for a lipstick that is moisturizing and balmy in texture, don't buy the Matte Revolution. If you take care to moisturize your lips beforehand (I use Lucas PawPaw ointment), that helps a lot. Secondly, despite the fact that it's matte, it wears comfortably on the lips. I've worn matte lipsticks that felt like they continued to suck every drop of moisture from my lips every second that they were on my lips. This doesn't do that, but since I'm used to a much more balmy texture, I did add a tiny bit of clear lip gloss on top, which gets me to.... My third and final point which is unlike some other matte lipsticks I've worn, when you add gloss to this matte lipstick, it does NOT feather or bleed. I ate and drank with this lipstick on and I had a bit of fading around the center of my lips, but nothing major -- it's not like I had a huge spot of no color on my lips -- the color actually hung on pretty well. I did carry around the tube for reapplication. Highly recommend! Here's a pic of the Lost Cherry in action. Pillow Talk was used to lightly line the lips, Lost Cherry was filled in with Chikuhodo Z lip brush. Gloss wasn't added until almost after an hour after this photo was taken. I wore this for almost 12 hours and experienced no bleeding, feathering, or chapping, and only applied bit of clear gloss twice during that time frame.

Not moisturizing and somewhat grainy texture...

I asked for -- and received -- two colors for Christmas: Bitch Perfect and Stoned Rose. I ended up returning both. Why? I found the texture for both colors to be on the dry side and the Bitch Perfect which has a slightly shimmery finish, also has a somewhat grainy texture. Admittedly, I do have somewhat dry lips (in contrast to my very oily facial skin), but I do prep my lips with a quick slick of lip balm. Honestly, the texture of the CT lipsticks don't compare to Shiseido or Dior Addict Extreme, which are far more "smooth" in texture and moisturizing than CT, for about the same price. It's a shame, because the colors are gorgeous.

An "odd" brush that is actually very, very useful!

This definitely seems like an "odd duck" brush when you first look it at. It has a small head, isn't at all a dense brush, if anything, it comes across as somewhat "floppy." But, none of those "failings" make it any less of a useful brush, if anything this brush is very useful precisely because of those attributes. The small size makes it a great brush for precise placement. The lack of density, very soft bristles, and "floppiness" make it perfect for applying contour, finishing powder, or highly-pigmented blushers without "moving" any of your other makeup (i.e., foundation and concealer). If you tend to have a heavy hand when it comes to applying blusher, highlighter, contour, or powder, then this brush is a must for a beautifully diffuse application.

Been lusting for this brush from afar... and I finally bit the bullet!

I have an "obsession" with brushes that can quickly and easily smudge or "smoke out" a liner, that do the job quickly, are soft (no tugging or pulling, please), and make my eye makeup look great! Not asking for too much, right? A quick look at my eye makeup brushes will tell you that I favor blending/crease/smudge brushes. I really wanted a good pencil brush because the one true pencil brush that I do have (an old Sephora #29), I found to be quite scratchy, which made me reluctant to use it. I was lucky enough to be able to try out the Wayne Goss #20 and the Chikuhodo Z-10 in person, and while the Wayne Goss was more "pointy" and perhaps more precise, I chose the Chikuhodo because I thought it was softer and there was less tugging. I am so glad that I did because this brush is just a joy to use! When I first brought this brush home, I performed a little test where I lined each eye with a pencil (Avon's On-Point eyeliner) and then smudged out one eye with my Sephora #29 and the other eye with the Chikuhodo Z-10. I could barely tolerate the scratchy pokiness of the Sephora brush, but the Chikuhodo blended out the eyeliner in a much more even and diffuse way that there was really no comparison to the Sephora brush, and the Z-10 was so soft on my eye! I don't really do cut creases, but I can certainly see how this brush would be wonderful for cut creases because of its length and precision. You will not regret buying this brush.

Hate that it's so expensive... but it is worth it... (continued)

IF you have been looking for a foundation that looks imperceptible, i.e., really and truly does look like your skin or better. I really, really hesitated for a long time purchasing this foundation. I had heard that reviews that it truly does not look like foundation, that it looks like skin, etc., but I was skeptical, because who wants to spend $90 for a bottle of foundation? It was looking at another video review by a company that I respect (Paula's Choice Beautypedia) that finally spurred me into action. Just some background: I have very good skin that is also very oily. Makeup dissolves within a few hours because of the excess of skin oils, and a good oil-absorbing primer buys me a few hours. Makeup targeted towards oily skin such as Hourglass Immaculate or Estee Lauder's Double Wear, I find too heavy and mask-y. My holy grail is something that evens me out, provides decent coverage, but looks like skin -- not asking for too much, am I? I am happy to report that Ellis Faas Skin Veil does all of the above; even my husband who rails against heavy, obvious foundation cannot tell if I'm wearing Skin Veil. It performs average on my oily skin, i.e., I get oily and shiny within a couple of hours, but I blot carefully with blotting paper and only experience minimal loss and wear around the nose area (the area where I notice foundation loss first). The wear time on this is actually pretty good, it averages about 7-8 hours on me (without a primer). It has a thick, gel-like texture and I would recommend that you apply it either with a brush for more coverage or you can sheer it out with a dampened BeautyBlender.

BEST tightlining brush!

This brush is fantastic for tightlining! Why? Because it's so teeny-tiny, that it really deposits the color at the roots of your lashes. You can go under (in the waterline) or above, and you won't have a noticeable "line" (unless you wanted to) but your lashes will look denser and thicker. The brush is firm without being scratchy or irritating to the delicate eye area. I can also see that this brush would be great for precise brow work, i.e., if you want to draw in individual "hairs" but for now I'm using it for tightlining.

Looks like an ordinary eyeshadow brush...but it's not!

I purchased this brush based on the rave reviews, however, when I opened the package and looked at it...I felt disappointed. Don't I have brushes that look just like this? I even compared it to my two laydown brushes, and discovered that #8's size was not quite the same. I shrugged and decided to try it out anyway. OK, now I see why it's different: Yes, it works just fine as laydown brush, but where it really shines is as a crease brush. The hairs don't splay out in the crease if you are using the brush in the "horizontal" position. You can apply a precise crease and you can also use it for blending.

Odd-shaped brush, but it works!

I already knew from previous reviews that this is an odd little brush. It looks like a small angled brush, but the hairs are longer, not as dense nor as stiff as an angled brush. It does work absolutely perfectly at smudging and lining -- much better than other smudging brushes and pencil brushes that I have -- it takes less effort and pressure. I haven't really tried it for anything else, but I imagine that it would also be really good for brows and a very precise crease application. It takes a bit of a leap of faith to purchase this odd little brush, but it really does work very well, and chances are that you don't have anything like this in your collection.