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Best brow product I've used!

This is very easy to use, and can be built up or used lightly to create different effects. The colour contains no weird undertones, it's almost a khaki green light brown (i hope that makes sense to someone! lol) which is the perfect shade for people with blonde/ light brown eyebrows. I really love this, and it lasts forever! I've had mine since christmas and have barely made a dent in it!

Perfect pick me up blush

This blush brightens up my face just the right amount, it can look very natural when applied sparingly... but don't be fooled by the 'sheertone' label, it really can pack a punch of pigment!

romantic and beautiful

I have only tried Rubenesque so far and love the effect! The colour is a glowing peachy gold with a hint of pink that is ideal for fair skin colours. I love the colour, so my only downer was that it isn't more pigmented. I enjoy the creamy texture of this, and if you make sure that the lid is put on tightly after each application it will last a long time! (I've had mine for about 5 months!)

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Fantastic range of colours!!

I've never found a more perfect colour for my skin, and this foundation is so beautiful on the skin! It is very expensive, so I recommend trying it first to see how it reacts with you. Also, the coverage is what I classify as sheer- medium, but that might be different to what you might call it, so just test it first. It's very pricey, and purely for that reason I wouldn't purchase it again... just because I think there are cheaper alternatives that can give a very similar effect. Overall, this foundation is very beautiful and I would suggest it for people with cash to splash & who enjoy hydrating foundations that give a natural and dewey finish.

Not brilliant for me

I was so eager to try this, but for whatever reason I haven't really noticed anything spectacular about it. I've had it for about 3 months, and every now and again will try it because I really want it to work! I find my makeup doesn't last any longer with this, and that my skin feels dehydrated and 'tight' about 2 hours after applying it. I try not to rub it in, and I apply my foundation (Giorgio Armani silk) immediately after just as they recommend, but still it's no good for me :(

Perfect for everyday

First one of these gels I've tried and was very impressed! I also have the whole kit from ABH, but this is the only thing from it that I use pretty much everyday. It does sometimes make my brows look a little darker and 'wet' looking, but I sometimes like that effect. Am keen to try coloured versions of this!