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A Must for Beauty Blender users

This is the only cleaner you need for your BB! I have used the solid cleanser I have tried Dr. Bronner's. I got the liquid cleanser in mail today the first time I rinsed 80% of the foundation and stains where gone the second time it was like new. A month of use erased in two lather rinse repeat cycles, I don't think you can ask for more than that for value for money. Keep on mind I wear MAC NC45 studio fix fluid foundation its not exactly light work for the sponge.

Only OK

It is really nice on your lips. It leaves them feeling lovely. The problem is that the color is not great and for the price I want more.

Great for people sensitive to scents

I suffer from terrible migraines and headaches and have for years. I can't usually wear perfumes. Many body sprays are even to strong for me. A few people reccomended this to me because I want happy with the sweet scents I was using at the time. I have never gotten a headache from this smell. It is light and womanly. It doesn't over power you or feel heavy. If you don't like heavy floral scent then this is for you. Or of you want a break from citrus or sween vanilla-y scents I can't reccomended this product more.

I wanted to like this more than I actually did

I got this as a sample. It's is really moisturizing but it's not long lasting. At over $20 there shouldn't be a 'but' in the discription. Needless to say when the sample ran out I was done with this. I will spend money on make up but if my lips are dry I can get some Carmex and not even break a dollar. I wasn't blown away by the smell the sugar idea didn't sell me. As a sample it was nice but that is as far as I will be going with this product

I am not a fan of this brand, at least not the foundations, the coverage for me sucked but like the eyeshadows I bought. The starter kit shades are good and I got some neutral shades that I could wear to work. It worked best for me with a primer and and layering. If you are really into the whole mineral thing then I would definitely suggest this but it just was not for me.

Good pencil

I have the worst luck with pencils. Its sad really. With my allergies my eyes are watery and itchy most of the year. I picked these up thinking it would be another one for the graveyard but it was really good. Since it is so smooth and creamy going on it stays put. It goes on so well. This looks like this will be my go to eyeliner for the future.

I am an avid reader and my friends and family used to joke that if a book didn't have a smuggled finger print in my make up then it wasn't my book. Well I started using this and the joke stopped. This helped to set my make up. If I run out not only do I get shiny in a few hours but my make up ends up on my on my fingers and on every thing I touch. I could kiss the the guy at the MAC counter who recommended it to me. If you are using any other powder to try an set your make up or to stop the shine, ditch it and get this you will never look back!

What did I do before?

I have used this foundation for years. It's so good I get complements on my skin, never on my make up (unless someone is telling me my eye shadow looks nice). My best friend who's a photographer bought me my first bottle and since then I haven't bought anything else. The coverage is amazing, none of us have perfectly even skin tone; this foundation helps even everything out with out layering tons on. It's also great of you have trouble matching colors. I found with other brands I ended up with slightly red undertones in the foundations that where in my color. MAC tends to use yellows and oranges as base and undertones. For coverage I haven't used anything that beats this.

I use this every day

Truth be told when I bought this I was looking for more of a lip stain but I couldn't be happier with what I got. This is an amazing product just know that if you will likely be reapplying throughout the day, especially if your lips have a tendency to get dry. This applies like a dream. It's smooth and feels lovely on your lips. The color is great. I am not a huge fan of lipstick and lip gloss can be a pain this is my new go to lip product.

Love this

I don't know about the aging skin stuff I'm not old enough for all that. All I know is this is a really good lotion. I picked it up because I love the scent and it was the only kind the store had at the time. Three bottles later and it's the kind I choose. My skin trends to be very dry and this help it be less so. The lotion has a really good fragrance it is not over powering, which is very important because I get really bad headaches and migraines. This is perfect for every day use. It moisturizers and it's not greasy.

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