Beauty Product Reviews

These make your skin look so juicy and dewy! They remind me a little of the Tom Ford highlighter in Shade and Illuminate but these are definitely prettier and a much better value! The shimmer shades have larger glitter particles than TF but still look natural when applied. I use these all over my body and face— they’re perfect for lips and glossy eye looks.


I adore Sonia and her products definitely reflect the passion she has for makeup and brushes. This is without a doubt, my favorite eye brush. I have hundreds and this is the only one that can pack on color AND blend it out seamlessly. Definitely will get multiples of this and recommend it to anyone from a beginner to a pro.


This isn't the worst mascara but it did nothing for my short, blonde, and straight lashes. It flaked a little, added no real length/volume, and didn't hold a curl.

Amazing Foundation Brush

The hair is definitely not the most attractive (it's quite thick and yellow) but this is one of my all-time favorite tools to apply and blend any face products but especially foundation. I also use this brush to fix/buff out any mistakes (i.e. too much blush/highlight). I can't recommend this brush enough!

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True Lipgloss Love

This is honestly the coolest lipgloss I've ever seen. I use "541" on top of just about anything when I want punch up the color. Plus, the blue reflects make my teeth look a little whiter. The formula itself is hydrating, lasts a couple hours, and wears off evenly.

Great Buy!

The more I use this brush, the more I like it. It's soft and effective and does everything that I would have expected of it and more. It was lighter in weight than I was expecting but I don't see that as a reflection on the quality. I like it most for blending powder shadows. I think this brush can hold it's own among some of my favorite Japanese brushes. (Picture from L-R: Hakuhodo J5523, Goss 03, Goss 04, Hakuhodo G5527)