Beauty Product Reviews

My trusty compact ever :D

I just received my fourth compact yesterday Yes I love love love this compact powder its absurdity amazing, light weight, not cakey at all, sitting the foundation amazingly without adding more heavy layer. LOVE IT


I ordered 2 of Celebrity Skin because I love this shade and I was soooo exited about the lipstick However when I opened the first one ( which is at the right of the picture ) I realized that there is a weird flakey texture I don't know what is this exactly it's not smooth at all which is very very disappointed to me I think maybe it's bad one so I opened the other one ( at the left of the picture ) and still not smooth less flakey than the first one I feel sorry but I don't like the formula at all

Apply it and forget it !

So far this is the best foundation I have try ever ever! Amazing foundation well I have an extremely oily skin and in special occasion I want to apply something that I will not worry about shine that come through. I used to use kat Von D foundation which was and still pretty good When I tried this foundation for the first time i love it and I tried for second and third times to make sure It's feel like skin not heavy not caky no nothing So now I apply it finish my rest of face sitting only my T-zone ( some times I skip sitting my T-zone ) because this foundation don't need any powder its completely matte finish but in gorgeous way.

Only one proplem you will be confused with shades you don't know which shade is perfect for you I ordered FLW3Y it's too light for me then I ordered FLW5Y and it's a touch darker than my skin tone ( I'm Mac NC30 - 35 ) so now I apply a half pump of FLW3Y and one pump of FLW5Y and mix it together and it's perfectly match

BTW you need only one pump or less than that and it's will give you a full cover result I use with this foundation 2 brushes which I found it the best brushes for it - Wayne goss brush number 10 Or Artis brush number 7

Try it you will love it !

fantastic / perfection / amazing / must have

I can't explain how I was feeling when Wayne goss announced that this brush will be come one more time as a limited brush on 2014 because I missed my chance to have this brush in first year 2013.

I love all Wayne's brushes especially no. 10 But this brush its every thing you need for powder face makeup! You can apply or blend bronzer blushes highlighters you can apply any kind of powder perfectly it's amazing and beautiful and worth every penny.

Absolutely smashed all my face brushes

Please if you don't have any of Wayne's brushes and you want to have one only please put your hand on this brush and you will be more than fine.


I can't believe that this is one of Charlotte tilbury's brushes !! I order this and I saw the 2 reviews before I use it and I thought that's can't be correct! I mean I have another CT brush and its very good brush sow I think this brush will be perfect brush for applying/ buffing and blending foundation I used is it and its hurt! Very stiff bristles and very hard to blen the foundation My foundation with this brush became not even. I used to apply this magic foundation with beauty blender or Wayne goss brushes and the result is perfection every time and I love magic foundation. But the magic complexion brush no no no way! And one more thing: the bristles full off while I was trying to blend the foundation.

Absolutely wasted my money!

Golden glow

I have this highlighter from last year I think it was limited edition Very nice golden highlight perfect for medium skin tone I think also perfect for medium dark skin Love it

This is my treasure :D

Well I have all Wayne Goss brushes and I can't decide which one is the best. This is so far my best of the best. I have extremely sensitive skin and I tried a lot of stippling brushes all them breakout my Skin except this brush Its sooooo soft. I use it with full coverage foundation like kat Von D Only less than one pump and blended with this amazing brush and bam!!! flawless and wonderful Brush no. 10 highly recommend !