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Mar 19, 2015

Lauren G.

Haha I'm fine! Just needed to have a technology break lol I get overwhelmed sometimes. And just had some things to sort out with Tom and all that. You know how it is...I'm going to Dayton this weekend to get a little break lol. What's been going on w you??

Mar 18, 2015

Lauren G.

Shiiiiit I miss you what's up??
Took some time to unplug from everything, had some stuff to work out

Mar 15, 2015

Jasi O.

Your gorgeous 😍

Mar 07, 2015

Kat A.

Haha it's okay. I wish there were notifications on the app.
well I'm currently in the process of going blonde, pretty excited to see the outcome. months ago I went to get Bettie bangs, but she didn't do them right so they were like my old bangs -_- I might try to get them again, though. I was so disappointed when I got home!
in addition to the hair I'm trying to change up my wardrobe. I'm such a hoarder though so its going to be really hard for me to let things go lol. I have clothes I haven't worn in years but in my head I'm always like, but what if I need it? lol.
in bigger news my boyfriend is planning on joining the navy so we have to get married soon. we're just getting married at the courthouse since it's all so sudden, but later on in the next few years he said he'll propose to me cute lol & we'll probably have our wedding when he's out. he wants us to go live on one of the bases in Japan, so that'll be pretty exciting!

Mar 07, 2015

Sam S.

Totally true! Unless they're allergic, but even then I'm like, "Just because you can possibly die from them, doesn't mean you can't love them!" Lol jk. My favorite animals are cats, goats and foxes. At my old hospital, we had a kit fox come in because he was hit by a car. We nursed him back to health and had him for a year. I named him Todd :) He was awesome! I unfortunately stopped dancing as well. I did it all through high school, took about 5 years off, went to a studio for 2 years and ended up having to leave again. I miss it so much! I'm looking for a studio that I can join that has classes for adults lol. My high school dance teacher only liked jazz, lyrical and hip-hop, so that's what we did. There was a recital my junior year that was musical themed and we did a tap dance to "Riverdance", but with no tap shoes. It was a pretty cool dance, but would've been better with actual tap shoes lol. At the studio, I took jazz and ballet. I can't choose a favorite, but I think my strongest is jazz/lyrical. I have wooden floors where I live and I will bust out my shoes sometimes lol. That's awesome you love school and are going back! Chemistry was a struggle for me too. Each of our classes were 6 weeks long. But we had to do Basic Science in 2 weeks, Chemistry in 2 and Physics in 2. It was intense! It was my least favorite in college. I was really wanting to be a dance choreographer as my profession, but my mom sat me down and had a heart to heart talk about how it wasn't ideal. She told me I should be a vet tech because of how I've always been with animals. I didn't even know there were animal nurses! Lol. I went to a two year accredited college. Which is now gone in my state. We only have 9 month colleges. It sucks because I've worked with people that didn't learn everything I learned and you need that to become certified. I'm not currently certified, but I plan on taking my tests (national and state) sometime this year or next. But I have been a tech for 8 years, 10 if you include school. I absolutely love it and so happy my mom talked me into it. I think you should totally go to school for it! It's extremely rewarding. :)

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