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Great Definition and volume

I have tried a LOT of mascaras promising everything from looking almost fake to runway perfection. None of them have lived up to their hype. I decided to try this one after seeing a recent youtube review from Vintageortacky. First off the application was amazingly easy I didn't have to do a lot of wiggle or play to get the wand between individual lashes and it applied evenly, a couple of strokes and I had gorgeous eye popping lashes that were clump free. The last trial was to see if it smudges, which I have horrible luck with also. The trial run was on a dinner date during a particularly humid and hot evening. Didn't budge! Holy Grail mascara? Haven't found better, so it is for me!

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Great Lip Gloss!!

Beautiful subtle holographic effect when applied by iteself. Its absolutely gorgeous when used with a lipstick! I wish this came in more colors. The gloss is not super sticky and stays on very well. The smell is slightly fruity, it kinda reminds me of lip injection by Two Faced cosmetics. Overall, I would definitely buy this again. Hoping to add the rest of the colors to my collection.