Beauty Product Reviews

Wayne NEVER disappoints

Absolutely stunning! I am a fan of the white brushes, so I purchased two sets so I can have a display set. I collect all his brushes. Not only could you collect this set of brushes because they are beautiful but they also apply makeup effortlessly.

Small but it works!

This is the last product I apply before applying my makeup, and I swear this quenches my skins thirst while making my makeup application smoother. Light weight without fragrance. I do use a lot so I will need to buy more backup tubes because I can see myself going through this rather quickly.

Best Rosehip Oil

I use this as part of my nightly routine. I apply after Matrixyl and Argireline. I recently purchased the Julep Rosehip oil and that oil feels like it would sit on my face where the ordinary product feels as if it is being absorbed. No heavy fragrance.

The skin BUFFET

I apply this in the morning. Its part of my morning three step process. It is alcohol, oil, silicone, nut FREE. Vegan and cruelty free too. It has no fragrance. Light on the skin yet moisturizing. I picked this product because it is part of their recommended "general signs of aging" regimen. I apply this first, then Hyaluronic Acid 2%B5, and then Natural Moisturizing Facter HA. That is my morning routine before applying my makeup. Although 3 products sounds like a lot for underneath makeup, it actually feels light but moisturizing WITHOUT making my makeup moving all over the place. I have noticed that my makeup applies better with this new routine.

Beautiful finish!

Absolutely love! It smells good, reminds me of the Kylie Lippy scent. The finish is opaque and not drying, but it is not transfer proof.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

This works even on super pigmented products like MUFE. And it is still gentle on the brush hairs. I would've given 5 stars but you cannot find the ingredient list anywhere.

Best duo!

During the winter I am pretty light. I am Asian and get pretty tan during the summer, so I was worried this would not be sufficient enough for my complexion. Well, it happens to be exactly what I need, it is perfect for light contouring so it doesn't give me any "harsh" lines or heavy contouring. Just enough to look somewhat of a hint. The highlighter goes a long way, and I actually like it compared to her gold Bar highlighter. The brush is decent and perfect for highlighter. I use a different brush for the contour.

Gentle yet powerful!

I love this and use it as a makeup remover. It takes off my makeup completely and gently. Including my waterproof mascara. I tried using a dupe product that looked/packaged similarly to this one and it is not the same. Best to buy in the big bottle!

Unique in any brush collection

I absolutely love this Holiday brush! It is soft and large. It goes lovely all over my face while applying powder. Easy to clean. I do not anything like this in my brush collection. A must!

Itty Bitty

This gets three stars because one, it is so small!!! Literally about 3 inch box, so the product is smaller inside. Two, this product was not even in a box, maybe because it is made of CARDBOARD with a shiny sticker over it saying CT. Lastly, the price. This highlighter isn't even holy grail level and given the price it is practically on the return it ASAP side. It looks so cheap and will not be displayed on my beauty counter. My 3 stars is clearly generous because this gold bar isn't. If you want more bang for your buck from CT check out her contour/highlight duo. The highlight in that palette is beautiful and more! Hope this helps!

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