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Firm, Stiff--Hate turned to Love!!

Thank u, Jacqueline G!!! Read her review & u'll know why these were created!! ;) I have regular crease American eyes & still agree with all she said. Ordered several of these (different eye sizes) brushes & hated them with my different eye shadows til I read her review. Then ran & grabbed my LM caviar sticks & used them & they work like an absolute DREAM! They work FAST & perfectly--like they were made 2 b used with them! Couldn't b happier with these little gems NOW that I know what product 2 use them with! Just so u know--the reason these brushes r different from all my others (& I have LOADS of brushes) is they r **VERY FIRM & STIFF**!! (comparing 2 Chikuhodo, Hakuhodo, TOM FORD, MAC, NARS, Hourglass, Marc Jacobs, etc.)

Love THIS specific (GREEN top) one!!

The 1st Bioderma product I tried was the original/pink topped one & although it removed makeup well--I hated it bc it broke my face out badly. So I could only use it for removing my eye makeup. (Side note: I do have sensitive skin that breaks out easily IF my face isn't happy with a product) Due to the acne from the original one, it took me quite awhile to brave up & try another version. Finally gave in & tried THIS one/GREEN topped one & I'm absolutely in LOVE with it!! No greasy residue, removes makeup extremely well & I'm most happy to report NO ACNE at all from this one!!! This one's a 'keeper' & I'll NEVER be without it!! Even my 11 yr old daughter loves it--her very 1st skin product! She appears to have my sensitive skin & this product works perfect for her as well! She even asks me to put it on her--*shocking*! LOL!

Perfect pencil smudger!

Absolutely in LOVE with this brush! Should've gotten it a long time ago! Been using it 2 smudge out my Urban Decay pencil liner & am thrilled with it! Gives the most perfect smudgy smoky lash lines!! Will definitely purchase more of this baby!

picture to go with my above review

Sorry but my picture didn't show up on my review--so here it is! :) (left to right): OLD Goss05, *NEW Goss05*, Goss20, Chikuhodo Z-10

PERFECT SIZE pencil brush!!

This brush is LLL (lower lash line) perfection! It's SMALLER than other pencil brushes--making shadow application a breeze on the LLL! Not 2 thick & not 2 thin--just PERFECT!! U can get a precise line due 2 it's size & if u want--u can still smoke it out as well. It glides the shadow on both lower & upper lash lines with ease. In comparison 2 the Goss20--they both have similar firmness & flexibility in the bristles, but the Goss20 is larger (& a bit longer)-therefore-creating a thicker line than the new Goss05. With the 05, u can get much closer 2 the lash lines. The Chikuhodo Z-10 is softer-yet doesn't offer the precise control that the Goss05 does. Overall, I LOVE this new Goss05 & so glad that Wayne replaced the original 05 with this one! It's exactly what was needed 2 make "The Collection" complete! See comparison pic--OLD Goss05, NEW Goss05, Goss20, Chikuhodo Z-10 (left 2 right)


This brush is the PERFECT BLUSH brush--it's now my favorite (of all my collection) 4 blush application. Also love it for powdering or touch ups on the T-zone. It's a goat/squirrel mix & the goat offers the perfect 'grab' 4 picking up, applying & blending powder products while the squirrel hair helps it 2 maintain its softness. I admit I don't care 2 use it 4 highlight -as its name suggests- b/c it's 2 big 4 that. LOVE this brush far more than I ever expected! If ur looking 4 an amazing blush brush--get this one!!

PERFECT Multi-tasking Eye Brush!!

At 1st glance, this brush doesn't look 2 b 'all that', but don't let it fool ya b/c it's definitely 'all that' & MORE!! Simply put, the GSN-09 is an amazing, versatile brush that can do ur ENTIRE EYE! Use the flat side 2 pack shadow on the lid, it's edge (turning it both ways) 2 apply, sweep & blend color in the crease, back 2 the flat side 4 applying shadow 2 the brow bone! And 4 my fav part--using the edge 2 create the most perfect 'outer v'!! It can also b used 4 the LLL , but I'm extremely perfectionistic about my LLL so I still prefer either my Chik GSN-11 OR Chik PS-6 'Edge' 4 that! (my 2 fav LLL brushes) I've been reaching 4 this brush FIRST over my MAC 239--which I thought I'd never do! And being Chikuhodo squirrel, it's Heavenly SOFT on the eyes so it's a joy 2 use! I honestly love this brush so much that I've already purchased 2!! Would I consider a 3rd?? U bet I would!! The Chik GS-9 is in the middle in the picture alongside other MAC, Goss, Chik, & Billy B favs of mine--mainly 4 size comparison.

Perfect FINISHING blender--even for small eyes!

I waited a long time before purchasing the Goss 03 b/c (1) I was already using the Goss 19 as my blending brush (& lovin' it!) & (2) thought the 03 looked way too large for my smaller eyes. But finally my curiosity got the best of me & I went for it anyhow--SO GLAD I did! It's true that I could never use the 03 for 'applying' eye shadow b/c it IS too large for that (w/ my small eyes), BUT it serves as the PERFECT 'CLEAN' FINISHING BLENDER after I've applied all my shadows (lid, crease & brow highlight)! It's just as Goss says--you need a clean blending brush to blend it all out at the end so as not to 'muddy the water' & the 03 is absolutely perfect for just that! I now prefer the 03 over the 19 b/c it takes fewer strokes--to run it over the entire eye & tie the whole look together seamlessly! It's a gorgeous brush that feels great in the hand & the bristles feel like silk on the eyes! This will undoubtedly be one of my fav eye blenders of all times!

Larger than life beauty!!

I absolutely LOVE my Chik Z-1 & it's so incredibly perfect that I know it will ALWAYS remain one of my favs! After falling so in love with it, I had to try a large goat haired version...enter the Takumi T-1. To be honest, I struggled awhile before deciding on this one b/c it was so much larger than the Z-1 that I was afraid it might be floppy. And 'yes' the bristles are much longer & fuller, but the density is what makes this brush perform so well! It doesn't feel exactly like the Z-1 which is what I'd expect-after all- it's goat, not squirrel, but regardless they both feel like heaven when swept across the skin & both make the perfect all over powder & finishing brushes as well. LOVE how this T-1 becomes much fuller & luxurious after you've washed & used it! My T-5 & T-6 do the same! :) Also love the look & feel of the black handles with the gorgeous red writing & white bristles! So glad I finally gave into the T-1! No regrets with this larger than life beauty! See pic for size comparison: Z-1 (left) T-1 (right)

GSN-14 vs. GSN-15 spoolies

I love BOTH of these spooley brushes....BUT for different reasons/uses. They're almost the exact same LENGTH from top of bristle down to tip of handle--except the GSN-15 is just barely a teensy-weensy bit longer but it's hardly noticeable even when holding them side by side. Both have extremely long handles which is the norm for all GSN series. The bristle SHAPES are different, the '15' is pretty much the same thickness/width from the very top of the bristles down to the bottom of the bristles. But the '14' has more of a conical shape--think little Christmas tree--tiny at the top & wider at the bottom. As for the FEEL/TEXTURES of the bristles, the '15' is rougher, much coarser while the '14' is still firm & stiff enough to maintain control yet not nearly as rough/coarse as the '15' is. So given all the above info--I love the '14' for combing through my eyelashes after mascara application to remove clumps & ensure lashes are all going in the direction I want. The '14' feels 'SAFER' near my eyes/lashes because it's not as coarse & also b/c it's bristles are tinier at the top (conical) making it easier to get up closer to the base of the lashes. As for the '15', I love it for eyebrows--sets all the unruly ones into place plus it combs them all perfectly whenever I need to trim them. Both the '14' & '15' are great for blending eyebrow product into the brows but I still prefer the '15' for everything with my brows. See picture for bristle shapes--GSN-14 on the left, GSN-15 on the right.

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