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Susan D.

Location: Sandy

Manifest Your Love, Become your true self and create the greatest love of your life !

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About Me

I am a relationship coach and I am a certified Law of Attraction coach. I help my clients in all area's when it comes to relationships. I guide my clients to create love in their relationships and in their life. I guide them to create the love of their life, their soul mate.

I also work with clients who have been put down by powerful people in their lives and have a hard time communicating and sharing themselves with the world. I help them find the confidence and courage to speak their truth without loosing love in their life.

I help my clients to connect with their divine self and to listen to their inner knowings. I teach them how to take care of themselves through self love in all area's of their lives.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Light
Undertone: Cool
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Fine
Birthday: May 15
Age: 64