Beauty Product Reviews

I have dry skin and I almost never get acne, but this cleanser somehow managed to make me break out with pimples on my cheeks and chin during the 2-ish weeks that I was trying it. It has now been several months since I last used this cleanser, and I haven't gotten a single pimple since then. I read the ingredients list and found that one of the ingredients is vegetable oil, which is known to be comedogenic, so I'm guessing that is what it was that caused the acne. Also, it left my face feeling slightly sticky. I won't be using this cleanser again.

"It's Potent" is not potent at all

I bought this eye cream in hopes of it doing exactly what it's advertised to do - fade dark circles and smooth fine lines. I used it consistently for months and it didn't accomplish either. My dark circles and fine lines are as noticeable as ever. Yes, it moisturizes, but that is not what this eye cream is marketed for, and there are plenty of other less-expensive products that will moisturize the skin around your eyes.

Great drugstore eyeliner

This is the best drugstore crayon liner I've tried so far, and it has earned it's spot as one of my most-used makeup items. It glides on very easily, it lasts the whole day, and it has a built-in sharpener and smudger. My only complaint is that it tends to clump up on my lashes when lining my lower lid, but it's easily fixable.

Amazing product for dry hair

I have naturally wavy hair that is very thick, very bushy, and very dry, but this pre-shampoo softened it like none other! I have tried quite a few hair treatments over the years that claim to moisturize and soften hair, and this surpasses them all. My only reason for taking off half a star is because a little bit does *not* go a long way. I can only get about 8-10 uses out of one 4.3 oz tube. But it is still worth every penny and I will be repurchasing this for as long as it is made. I'd also like to add that this product is intended for VERY dry or coarse hair. If your hair is fine or tends to get oily, this is not the product for you.

Love it!

This is one of my favorite makeup items I own. The shadow colors are all wonderful and perfect for a casual look. Some are matte, and some are shimmery. I like that the shimmer is subtle and not obnoxiously glittery like I have seen with many other palettes. The shadows themselves are all very silky, pigmented, apply easily, and they don't produce much fallout, if any. I would buy this again but it has been discontinued.

I bought this concealer thinking it would provide enough coverage for my dark under-eye circles, and while it does do a decent job of covering them up, it was far too dry. It caked up almost immediately, and it accentuated the fine lines under my eyes, not to mention the fact that it was much too peachy for my very fair, cool skin tone. I will definitely not be repurchasing this.