Beauty Product Reviews

Soft but holy cow this thing sheds

I absolutely love this brush super soft blends amazing but it sheds so awful. It ruins the experience of a high end brush. Nothing ruins your makeup like having to pick tiny black hairs off of your entire face.

Life changing!

I got to sample of this soap in my last order. I quickly came on here and read reviews because I have sensitive sling and will have really bad breakout over just about everything. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this bar is. I’m 31 and have struggled with acne my entire life. I’ve never had clear skin, until now. And when I say clear skin I mean not a single blemish on my face at all. For the first time in my life my skin is perfectly smooth and clear. I’m so in love with this bar! I’ve used everything from prescription meds for my face to high end products, you name it. NOTHING has worked like this! If you struggle with acne try this it’s truly life changing!