Beauty Product Reviews

True Blue, Baby I Love You!

(Drroooolllllls)...I LOVE this shade of blue. It reminds me of the beaker of cobalt from my high school chemistry class!!! It goes on soft like butter and LASTS!!! It doesn't turn green on me and stays bright!!!! Sugarpill will be getting my $$ in the next few years!

No Tentacles!

I won't lie...I bought it based on the name alone...but it's an amazing white shadow and shows up opaque. It's also great for blending and softening my crease and it doesn't smudge if I apply glitter on top. I used this on my drag sister and she loved it :)

She's Your Queen to Be!!!!

EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! SQUEEE!!!! This is silver like a mirror reflecting on your face!!!! I love how these loose pigments don't get all over the place and I can pack on the color instead of bear a hole into the pan. When prom season comes around, Sugarpill will be in my kit :)

Red, She Said...

I've been a makeup artist for 16 years working with people from all walks of life, using just about every brand you can think of. It was always hard to find a red eyeshadow until one of my co-workers suggested Sugarpill, I was very wary about loose shadows, but when I tried the sample, I fell in LOVE. Asylum is crazy red...put me in a straightjacket with my lids coated in this beautiful color!!! So true, rich and pigmented, I almost ate it!!! Definitely will be collecting :)