Beauty Product Reviews

My new HG!!!

The #1 most important makeup item to me is my mascara. I buy every brand new release trying to find the best one and wow have I finally found it! CT Full Fat Lashes do just that. I found myself reaching for this everyday now, used to be based on my mood, one day Chanel, next day Georgio Armani, but now this is my new HG! It easily builds, my favorite part about this mascara is how full and soft my lashes are. Other brands usually make my lashes hard and at the end of the day flake, no issues at all with this new love in my life. Can't wait to see what's ahead in CT future releases. Love you Charlotte for releasing your line for all of us!!!

Beautiful mascara unless your eyes tend to water

I received this mascara in my 2016 Lucky bag (amazing this year!) I was so excited to try this mascara due to loving anything IT cosmetics. Well to my surprise this stuff was amazing, my lashes were so full and long with just one coat. I didn't think I would like the brush but was pleasantly surprised how full the brush made my lashes look. I almost felt like it looked like I was wearing fake lashes. The only problem is the formula it needs to be revamped needs to be waterproof. I don't wear waterproof normally but the first day I was wearing this mascara I had to stop at the gas station as I was filling up my eye started to water a little, watery eyes are normal for me but what happened next was a complete shock...I jumped back in my car to see the mascara had run completely down my face. The crazy thing is I have never experienced anything like this before and only thought it happened in the movies (seriously). I was away from home and had to clean up my face with baby wipes, what a joke it was like paint running down my cheek and nose. Absolutely horrible! Today I thought I would give it another try...Same thing ugh! I'm going to attach a photo because I love the look, only one eye has mascara on, what a huge difference and with only one coat, absolutely amazing but not if its going to run down my face like paint if my eyes tend to water. IT cosmetics please fix this problem.

Even better than expected!

I love this Zpalette, it's made very well. So thrilled when I opened my package from which arrived at amazing speed (shipping department Rocks!). The beautiful silver glitter does not rub off or get dirty. I was a little hesitant to order this only because I was not exactly sure what the glitter would look like and again if it would rub off but to my surprise this palette was even better than I expected! Picture online does not do it justice. Love that it fits 9 round eyeshadows perfectly. Now I'm considering ordering a few more before they are gone!