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Great Quality

All of WG brushes are great quality. I own most of them and they perform up to my very high expectations. I appreciate his brushes as much as I do Sonia G brushes. This brush is a nice blending brush for people that have a ton of space between the lid and brow. I have a ton of space there and need a large blending brush.

Beautifully Crafted

I love this brush enough that I bought another. It is very soft and I use it for highlight and also above my lid area as I have a lot of real estate there. It softly blends out shadow. I love this brush as much as my Sonia G brushes. WG brushes are wonderful. I have most of his brushes.

Very Nice Brush

I really like this brush specifically for contouring. It is one of two brushes that I reach to for contouring. It is too small and dense for bronzing .

Lux Lux Luxurious

This fan Brush is definitely luxurious and works like a dream. It deposits my bronzer like a dream and although it is monster big it certainly can be used with highlighter with a very diffuse blend. I have 3 of her fan brushes and love them all and use them on the daily.

Because the brushes get daily use, I take a 2 x 4 block of wood and cover it with a fluffy sock with a lip to hold my brushes upright and protect the beautifully lacquered handles. I have eye brushes on the other side. I treat my Sonia G brushes differently than my other high end daily use brushes because of the beautiful handles. Even my S Series Hakuhodo brushes don't receive the love that my Sonia G brushes receive. I feel her brushes are functionally designed better and are beautiful to boot.

Buy it!!!!

I can’t even believe I am saying this as I am I love with my worker 2 brush, but wait for it...wait for it...I love this one even more! Geez Sonia, you are da bomb queen of brush design. This brush works exactly like the worker 2 brush but it is smaller and fits my lid like a glove. It blends out the same as her predecessor. I have many of her brushes and am patiently waiting for her Pro set to get back in stock, but with this collection, I actually want for nothing and am simply getting the Pro set because her brushes are so good, not because I need it. I like the weight of these bigger handles.

Let me also state that I am a brush snob and I have thousands...yes I said thousands of dollars worth of brushes....I have a problem, lol. Sonia G brushes are different in design and density. It is like she took the best aspects of extremely amazing brushes and designed them to work the way she states they will work. I get double duty from most of her brushes for placing as well as blending pigment. Nice job Sonia G. I see you!!!

Expertly Designed

Sonia G does it again with a brush that simply does it’s job. It is soft but definitely denser than most crease brushes, but the design of the brush lends it to blending effortlessly. Aside from its beauty it is a workhorse like many of her other brushes in this collection. I have 11 of her brushes...waiting for the Pro Eyeset to get back in stock. What I admire most about her collection is the design and thoughtfulness she puts into what the brush is intended to do. I encourage you to add this little mama brush to your collection. It is a winner and different from the others.

Nice brush for smudging but not a must have

This is a nice brush that I use and like, but don't love. The brush is so dense that it does not lay as smooth of a line as I works but it does not glide like her other brushes. it is better than most... as I would give it an 8/10...but not a slam dunk for me like some of her other brushes :)

Functional Bliss

Now this is a crease brush that I did not have in my collection (which is hard to do). I use it often for my outer v area and if I am going for a cut crease and looking for more depth. This is a great under the lower eyelash brush to diffuse the shadow for a softer blown out lower lash. This is a brilliant brush that deserves all kinds of applause. I have some favorite high end brush brands that are taking a back seat to Sonia G. You go girl!!!

I like it ALOT but not a love like a few other Sonia G Brushes

Great brush that deposits pigment where you want it. I don't reach for this brush all that often...but when I need more intense placement of shadow, this brush does the job. Me likey :)

Yup....another hit!!!

This is just as good as the worker one that I raved about. These brushes are just....ummm what do the kids say? Dope!!! I love this can do an entire eye look with this brush. Of Course the handles are the and the weight of the brush is nice. This is a daily go to if I am not using Worker One brush. Nicely done.

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