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The perfect lid colour I've been looking for but... creases. Bummer.

I've been on the hunt for a super easy wash of colour for my eyes. Like, slap it on with some mascara and hit the door, kind of shade.

I described this to the sales associate and after a few swatches of the paint pots, she turned to the cream color bases and suggested Root.

It truly is the perfect colour I was looking for (an everyday, natural... your lids but better... kind of shade). It was ridiculously easy to put on with a finger and looked gorgeous with a teeny bit of dark brown shadow to line the outer third of my lash line.

I have oily lids and use a primer which works like a dream when I am using powders, but even with primer this creased on me. I will try to set it with some translucent powder and see how it goes next time.

I will say that a quick rub to blend it out when it creases does bring it back to the perfect wash. The trouble is having to think about that and do it. Grrr.

NOTHING compares to this brand of body care. No.thing.

I have a dear friend with family in Israel. She introduced me to this amazing body care line. Incredible performance and such a lovely smell. Lucky enough to have a retailer near me. Buy yourself a little something if you have the chance to try this amazing brand. You will not be disappointed !

How can there only be 11 reviews of this miracle product?!

After trying a sample of this primer, I really wanted to find something cheaper that I liked as much or even almost as much.


This stuff is the holy grail of primers for me. I sampled several others including Smashbox, Pur Minerals, Shiseido, Benefit... Nothing compares in terms of the lightweight, smooth, satiny finish of this product. Pur Minerals was close and I was tempted to try it, but while it had a similar application and feel... the performance was not as good. With this product, I am seeing incredibly matte, long lasting results. I am prone to getting really shiny after only a couple of hours, so I need something for oil control and keeping my make up on my face.

This is amazeballs.

Holy Grail !!!!

Got this as a Sephora points gift and I am SO glad I got the chance to try this !!!!

So amazing. Face looks like I just put it on even after 10+ hours. Wow wow wow !

Sold ! Will be purchasing full size once the mini one is gone.

Creamy and Stays Put

This glides on like a dream and does NOT budge. I had trouble getting it off even using Bifacil by Lancome which usually gets anything off.

I'm not an eyeliner user, but this may very well win me over. I got this pencil as a Sephora points bonus thingie and I'm glad I got to try one b/c I would not have purchased it, otherwise.

I would likely go for a brown, rather than black... but the black works nicely if you are putting on a smokey eye. Eyeshadow layers nicely over it as well.

Really glad I got a chance to try this product.

Gorgeous - Complex - Sexy - Yum !

Really, not much more to say than that. The foodie notes of the fragrance are what I smell the most clearly. For the name Flowerbomb it doesn't smell that flowery to my nose ! But it is !

I plan to buy the body lotion so that I can have a longer lasting scent through the day. It fades on me faster than I'd like.

Rich Temptations... neither tempting or rich

They look great in the palette and even swatch pretty nicely on your hand.

But I was so disappointed in the application and general performance on the eye. Even on a primed lid.

The light pink was chalky and crumbly and no colour payoff at all. The rest were very meh. Blended together they looked muddy and generally unimpressive.

What a waste ! I am hoping I can use one or two of the colours for some other looks, but unsure what. The lightest one looks like it might do ok as a brow highlight.



I should start by saying that I've never used a primer and am just now getting into all of the techniques and products used by people really into makeup.

I used this on my eyes first. Liked that a lot since my shadow always creases and practically disappears by day's end.

Today I tried it on my face and it is quite impressive. No clue as to whether this is just the fabulousness that comes from using a primer or if this brand has something over the others. No clue.

I will likely invest in a primer specifically for my eyelids next. But, this was a great freebie !

Nirvana... great colour !

After seeing rave reviews of the Particulaire colour by Chanel, I thought I'd see if I could find a close match.

Not sure if this is a dupe, but it is certainly lovely. It is also, apparently, popular according to the lady in the makeup section of drugstore.

Affordable and nice application. Surprisingly long wearing too. I am quickly becoming less impressed with OPI the more I try other brands !

unique colour, applies smoothly, not worth $$

I'm up for spending whatever it takes on something I love. Really. But, this just wasn't worth it.

I thought the colour would be really lovely and not something I could find as a dupe. It is lovely and I do like it. But, it hasn't bowled me over. I like it better on my toes. I had it on my nails and its cute but not appropriate for my office. Toes I can get away with it.

I expected quality beyond compare with paying as much as I did. Not really.

I might go for it again if I find a colour I really like that I couldn't find elsewhere as a dupe, but I think I"m done with Chanel nail polish !

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