Beauty Product Reviews

The BEST serum

this serum is like magic! it has a great consistency, thicker than a traditional serum, & almost like a cream. it goes in deep & gives visible results! i use it under my eyes & on my brown bones without having any issues w/sensitivity. i also use it on my t-zone.

because of its steeper price tag I only use a half pump a day & i use a different serum on the rest of my face. i know that probably sound ridiculous but one pump is a lot of product (enough for your entire face, including your under eyes), & this will run out fast if you use a full pump a day (gone in 2-3 months).

thanks to the wonderful packaging, you’ll also have no idea when you’re about to run out, so keep a backup handy if you can. if you can’t, thank goddess for Beautylish’s AMAZINGLY FAST SHIP!

Thank you Beautylish & Sunday Riley!

works great

i love this revamped formula bc it doesn’t smell as bad as the original but still works wonders.

Sunday Riley has the hardest working skincare products