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Beauty Product Reviews

i absolutely love this mascara! i use a avon mascara 2 in 1 mascara primer and then i use a avon waterproof mascara. I use the other mascara because it has a small brush which seperates my eyelashes great and then I put the lashblast on top of everything and it makes them thick and great! Follow me... Read my blog and sub to my youtube channel:) Thank You!


This is one of the items I just used in my newest youtube vid! its called ive got good jeans and i love it:) it comes with blue gold and a shiny silver! its very pigmented! usually when I buy gold eyeshadows I have to put SOO much on just to even show up good and this barley takes any to look great! Watch my new youtube vid please!! :) follow me and please sub to my channel:)

Works Great!

Clearasil has been around forever and I trust it very well. You can use this or the lotion one they work great to fight your acne. This is something I use every night and is great for the morning and night routine I posted on my blog. Please read my blog for more beauty tips and secrets. I have many in-store for you guys! :)


This is not the best of the best but it works really good. I have oily sensitive skin and I thought it would break me out because its scented but it actually worked very good and I would definitely buy it again.

Take A Look At My Blog Ladies:)

In my latest blog post I was showing you guys a great morning and night routine to keep your face looking amazing. This is a great product to use in the morning and besides it waking you up and making you feel energized, it has the amazing scrubby beads that I was talking about that make your skin extra soft and gets rid of all that dead skin:)


If you read my blog How To Fight Acne: Morning And Night Routine:) I talk about using a astringent when you get out of the shower and this is the one I personally use for my face. I have been using it for a few months and i absolutely love it and definitely recommend it :)

These work great for removing your makeup at night or even if you mess up your makeup. If you read my blog about the morning and night routine i really recommend these. Do not substitue them for anything else i said they dont help fight acne but if you use these before washing your face it makes it much easier to take off your makeup. Love them! :)

Sooo ive been using this blush for about a year and i would have to say its ok.. its not very pigmented and you have to use alot if you want a real "stand-out" blush color. its perfect for me because i already have redness in my cheeks so after i put on my bronzer i put a little bit of the blush it highlights my face perfectly:)

What I love about this is moisturizer is first off its Clinique! A product i can trust. When it comes to my skin i only use name brand because of how sensitive my skin is. Something else I love is that it has a sunscreen in it so you don't have to worry about putting a sunscreen on and then also putting a moisturizer.

Mary K always has great skin products! Its very lightweight on your face and doesnt make your face feel caked with product:) it makes your skin really soft and also you can use on your elbows and feet to help moisturize those areas.

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