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Beauty Product Reviews


This kit rocks. Shadows are pretty and go on easily. They look polished and clean. Mascara is great, lengthens, and lasts! I didn't try the shadow insurance, I use tinted moisturizer as an eyeshadow primer. The best product in this kit in my opinion though is the 3 way liner! This stuff is amazing! I have tried a zillion different liners and they alway pull at my delicate eye area. This one glides on like a dream! I lined my top lid with a flick, and the water line in like 3 seconds on the first try. It went on so smoothly didn't pull at all, and looked beautiful! I will definitely be getting more of it, and honestly this mascara and shadow may also be my new go to choice. It is all awesome! Beautylish is great too! I live in Alaska and my order took less then 2 days to arrive at my door! Great customer service!