Beauty Product Reviews

This little sponge is sooooo amazing! I was really skeptic at first because it's just a sponge and it was pretty expensive. But I finally got it as a gift, and wow, I totally regret not getting it sooner! For everyone that's hesitant about buying it, just try it and I'm sure you'll love it! The texture of the sponge is very soft, and squishy making it versatile when applying onto your face. The biggest thing for me was that it DOESN'T leave streak marks, like brushes may. It helps the product blend so well into your skin, making it look super natural! I have dry skin on my cheeks, so before when I applied foundation with my hands or brush, it looks really flaky, and caked. But now, I don't have that problem! The foundation seems to like sit into my skin if I dab it with this beautyblender, and it creates the smoothest, most natural look. Highly highly recommend!

This gel liner doesn't come off..unless you use makeup remover! Seriously! I have it on from morning to night, and you can still see the precision of the liner as clearly as when you first applied it. I have walked outside when it was raining, and the liner stayed-only a tiny bit smudged. If weathers perfect, and you don't harass your eyes, it should definitely be long wearing. You need to apply it with a good brush though, otherwise you won't get that precision and smooth application. High recommended.

Surprisingly good

I purchased this wanting to try some Smashbox face products, and I was recommended this at the store. I don't like the sponge applicator they included because it's hard to blend out and product becomes concentrated when I apply it to my face. I just use my own powder brush, and it goes on very well! It sets my foundation, and completely mattifys my face which I love. I don't apply too much though otherwise it looks a bit cakey. I've used this everyday for half a year now, and it's my most worn powder. Highly recommended!

Absolutely love this palette! This will always be my go to palette, and it works with every occasion. It's definitely worth the hype. The colors are neutrals, and most of them have mild shimmer. Regardless, all the colors are timeless, and appeals to all age ranges. You can create so many different looks, these colors are every girl's MUST HAVE. The formula - amazing. The pigmentation is incredible, and it's very creamy allowing for easy application. The color will stay on all day, with the help of a primer (which is included when you purchase the palette, great deal!). Overall, amazing. I cannot rave enough.

I use the shade of super orgasm. It has some gold spakles to it and can be intimidating ! But once you apply it, the shimmer it very mild ! The color fits perfectly with my skin, and is very natural looking. The pigmentation is great, shows up very well ! I usually don't apply too much brush...keeping it natural, and this blush surprisingly does the job considering it is a more glamourous shade. Overall, great application, long lasting and fantastic pigmention. Nars definately has the best blushes in my opinion!