Beauty Product Reviews

A little thick

It's not something I would recommend if you have sensitive skin. It's kind of heavy, and while a small amount does go a long way, it looked kind of caked on, even when only using a pinky tip amount.

The colors are nice though; very natural.

I found that putting a small amount of powder foundation over the top reduced the caked on look.

Make sure you skin is in top condition.

My skin is really sensitive, especially on my chin and right on my cheek bones. When i first started using this product I wasn't to fond of it. It felt heavy on my skin and seemed to only make me break out. SO I did a little experimenting :). I did some research on the internet and found that oily skin is actually your skins natural response when your skin is to dry. I haven't used soap to wash my face in years (everything was to harsh and really irritated my skin) but even just using hot water I was taking to much moisture from my skin. I started applying lotion with vitamin E to my face after getting out of the shower. It helped a lot and I noticed that I was no longer breaking out after using the Hard Candy Primmer.

Also, giving the primer time to dry a little before applying any concealer helps to keep it from muddling up or setting into any lines.

Really liked what it did with my eye make up. It leaves the skin looking and feeling smooth, and really take hold of the shadow pigments to help them last longer. It also seems to be sweat proof, as after a hard days work, there was only a little bit of a smudge on my lower lash line, but nothing that as disastrous.

I recommend it, but only if you are willing to take the steps to keep your skin in top condition. One missed day of moisturizer is all it takes for this product to misfire.