Beauty Product Reviews

Finally found the one

All other mascara's in the past have always made my sensitive eyes water. I have tried all the hypoallergenic, no perfume mascara out there with no luck until I found Urban Decay. I find the mascara is light enough that my lashed don't clump. I'm actually able to do the bottoms which have been impossible before with other mascara.

Love it, but lots of glitter fallout

Urban Decay is my first premium makeup product. I love how pigmented the colors are and how well they blend together. Oh, it is so dreamy. I went with the Ammo palette instead of the Naked 2 palette because of the colors. I purchased at Ulta so they didn't have the Mariposa there. That is only Sephora. They are similar and I would have went with Mariposa due to the glitter problem. The only reason why it did not get the full five stars is because the glitter falls all over your face. It has tons of fallout. It isn't teeny tiny glitter, it is pretty chunky. If it could stay to the eye, I would be super happy.