Beauty Product Reviews

Not Impressed to Impressed :)

When I saw the pallet for the first time I was underwhelmed. But I decided to get it anyway because.......duh! I was lucky enough to get one on launch day and with that being said..... Beautylish has gained a customer for life! This was the first time purchasing from them and I am so impressed! The checkout process was so smooth (considering!) and I had the item in hand 2 days later (on a Sunday no less!) I am very impressed by them!! As for the product:

Pros: * Stunning colors * Very pigmented * Blends well (some shades need more effort than others) * Unique colors * Nice mix of neutrals and color, shimmer and matte

Cons: * Some of these colors are a little too bold for everyday wear, for the price I want to pan out :) * Messy! If you are light handed it's not bad but if you get into it ..... prepare for fallout! * Some colors stain (bittersweet - appreciate the pigment but it's a pain to get off) * Bulky! It's beautiful packaging but I have no place to put this

I like this pallet -it's fun to be a part of the excitement - but I also don't know that it's all that it has been hyped up to be. It's way more impressive in person in my opinion! I would recommend it to friends/family IF they could afford it and IF they like bold pallets.