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A brush I didn't know I needed..

I passed up so many times on this brush because I didn't think I needed it... I was so wrong! It's great for setting undereye makeup. I was using the Wayne Goss air brush..but after some time I just wasn't loving it for this felt too thin I guess. I decided to try this and I am so glad I did..the density and shape of the Sonia G brush is perfect for my undereyes and the brush hair doesn't get as dirty as fast either.

Need a medium size!

I am in search of a bag for makeup brushes. I have both the small and large and they are great quality and seem to be sturdy I used the small one to hold makeup brushes for travel.. The small is a tad bit too small for brushes length wise and the large is way too big for brushes. I wish they would come out with a medium size and it would be perfect. Quality wise these are perfectly fine especially for the price.

Didn't live up to the hype

Maybe it's my skin, my skin tone, or the blush itself but this blush and highlight didn't really look that great on me. I have light skin with warm / slightly yellow undertones and I had to dip into the blush multiple times to get it to show up on my face.. and with that many applications, my face began to look too powdery. My least favorite was actually the made my skin look terrible. I honestly didn't feel it was anything special compared to the blushes I currently use by Chanel, hourglass, even Laura mercier.. All this hype surrounding it, but to me I didn't think it was different or any better. I had trouble with his bronzer duo too with the contour being too gray. Maybe his line just doesn't work for my warm undertones..who knows. Disappointed because I really wanted to love coral rose but if just didn't work out.


Another wonderful multitasking brush from Sonia G. I have the updated version so cannot compare to the original, but have used it for a while now and so far I think it's great. It's great for a soft application of blush, even bronzer, undereye powder or even to dust all over powder setting powder. I prefer sheer application and this brush is perfect for that. It's perfect to travel with since I can use it for so many things. The blue color is also lovely! Really well made brush and I am glad to have it in my collection.


What a great multitasking brush this is. I purchased this with the intention of using it for cream contour and it was perfect for that. I also used it for undereyes concealer and in two swipes I was done! Couldn't believe how effortless it was to blend concealer with this brush. I am definitely going to have to get multiples of this brush to use with different cream products. Highly recommend.

5 stars!!

I am loving the jumbo base brush!! Foundation application was extremely fast and easy with this baby. No streaking at all, no fallout so far and it is incredibly soft. I thought due to the shape I might have difficulty around the nose or chin and I'd have to buff those areas in with another brush, but nope no issues at all. Smooth application all around! 100% recommend this brush!!

Love it!

After getting the z-8 I just had to try the z-4 as well. It's just as great as the z-8 and the size makes it absolutely perfect for blush application. Even though the z-8 is superb for blush, sometimes I end up going too far up my cheeks due to its size. the z-4 is more precise, just as soft and very easy to clean. Absolutely love it. If you're debating.. just buy it!

Color looks odd on me

For reference I have light skin with yellow undertones. I watched a couple of videos & went with the lightest shade as the medium looked like it would be too deep. It just didn't work for my skintone. The contour shade is super grey.. some of the bloggers stated the contour color looks undetectable on..but on me it is a very obvious grey and not flattering. The bronzer shade went on like a very golden highlighter and makes me look even more yellow rather than warm. The texture is very nice though. If there was a color between medium and light perhaps that will work for me but this is not working. Attached a picture below..the top two are the Wayne goss shades and the bottom color is the Kevin Aucoin contour in Light which looks a lot more natural when I wear it. Another comment I would make is the contour pan is huge .. I don't think anyone can get through it as fast as they would get through the bronzer..would it make more sense to have more bronzer in the pan?

The only face brush I really *NEED*!

If you like a soft everyday kind of diffused makeup look or are just not sure where to start with Fude brushes, then this brush is an absolute must have!! There is nothing this brush can't do. I love it for bronzer, blush, overall highlight, even a slight touch of finishing powder. I love all the Sonia G brushes I've gotten in the last year but since getting the Z-8 I can't put it down. I just love the soft application of makeup with this brush. No harsh lines, no buffing at the end required. It just seamlessly melts everything together. So easy to wipe and use with all face products in one go. It's so soft as well..truly worth every penny. I hope it holds up!! Initially I had trouble getting bounce in this brush..but after washing it and using it with powder has definitely improved. Best brush ever. I hope it always stays available for purchase!!

Using it for liquid foundation.

After much debate I got this brush to use with liquid foundation. It's great! The kind of foundation/base really makes a difference if you end up getting streaks or not and if you use a circular buffing motion, this brush applies liquid foundation really well. It also cleans really well on a cloth between uses. It's also really soft and doesn't irritate my skin. The size makes it very efficient as well. I am happy I went with this brush!

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