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Absolutely brilliant. My lashes are super long, separated, and curls right up. Even better than falsies to be honest. My one and only has been my mascara for over a decade through all the hundreds I’ve tried. Because my lashes are long, I get raccoon eyes easily. I discovered eyelash primer and that helps enormously. Wayne Goss mascara has now replaced my last one and only. All mascaras rub off for me because of long lashes. Those who get the raccoon eyes with this, can I just tell you, it has more to do with your lashes reaching further. So prime! And brush and blink off your eyelashes after it dries. And as for cleaning, use the right cleanser, use a warm and soft face cloth to melt it off in, then rinse off. Waterproof means waterproof. Treat your eyelashes delicately.

This brush can do it all. I love it best with the more thin aqua liquid foundations. It hardly absorbs product and you can also buff it in. It’s so soft it leaves a blurred effect and feels like a dream. No scratchiness or streaks at all. Not even close. It’s perfect for cream or powder blushes and leaves so much more colour than I usually get with some other brushes. Wayne Goss edit brush 02 is the best next to this. You also get such precision with applying contour and highlighter. I don’t think I can ever enjoy putting make up on again without this brush. And all the other is the Fusion Series. You have got to try this entire series and if not, this is the one to try. It can be used for concealer, foundation, contour, highlighter, and probably help with eye make up. Love it.

I can’t even tell you how happy these brushes make me feel without tearing up. I’ve worked frontline for over a year and a half now and my skin is brutal and I never felt pretty or looked in the mirror for longer than a second this entire time. My face had welts, acne, blemishes, and dry patches all over. Lots of wrinkles too. But taking care of myself came last. Finally, in May? I had to treat and fix my skin myself which took a month or two. It’s fantastic now. Hardly any wrinkles and blemishes. It’s on the drier side but I keep it so moisturized. Still, foundation would not stick to my face. Brushes I used left streaks, lifted up and left dry patches, and most hurt my face. It was exhausting. I so badly wanted to wear make up and look pretty. I bought like 10 foundations. Uber moisturized my skin. Used all the You Tube hacks - primer, powder, primer, powder, setting spray. Same results. Until now. Nearly gave up on looking pretty with make up. Jumbo base and Classic base wtf?!! Where have you been!! Jumbo concealer and small concealer, how the heck?! My skin looks flawless, streak free with no dry patches with all 10 foundations I purchased. I love love love putting on foundation and concealer now. Each brush is so luxurious, silky, and smooth and it leaves my skin feeling the same way. I have to stop touching my face. I finally realize it is all in the brush. These are it. Thank you Sonia G for this Fusion Series that makes my life that much more bearable and happy.

Oh man, these are among the softest brushes ever. It applies powder makeup on so well, like a dream. Just silky smooth finish. I don’t think I need to buy any other powder brushes except maybe the Artist Collection. But not even needed. I am just so happy doing make up with these brushes. The pointed end is brilliant and it splays out to do exactly what you want. I only use with powder. 02 foundation brush is not great at all for liquids on my difficult dry skin but it rocks for blush 100%. Hardly use mud product at all. Thank you Wayne Goss for making my life that much more pleasant.

Sorry Surratt. I was so excited for this because I could never wear any foundation before as it never stayed on my face or had streaks and patches. I heard great things and reviews on this. And it is sooo super pretty. However, I was pretty sad that it was no better than the other brushes I’ve tried like Hourglass, Wayne Goss Edit Brush 02, Fenty, Rare Beauty, etc. But this Surratt brush scratches quite a bit and it’s very unpleasant. I would not call it a soft brush. And it soaks up a lot of product. You can see the streaking as you put it on even with a very light hand and stippling. Buffing just gives you swirly streaks. And it leaves my face feeling drier with more dry patches. I was left feeling defeated. No pretty foundation face for me: until Sonia G Fusion Jumbo Base. Sorry had to say that. I did want so much to love this beautiful artistic looking brush.

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I have never tried a foundation quite like this before. It’s so light and silky smooth. It’s definitely build able to medium coverage but I find with Sonia G’s Fusion Jumbo Base or Classic Base brush, you hardly have to use much product at all. My skin feels soft and looks flawless all day. No touch ups needed all day. I just keep a Wayne Goss edit collector’s big powder brush, dip some translucent powder and just bring the brush alone when I go out. I don’t find I have to even use it more than once in the evening. Just more to reduce my T-Zone shine. It doesn’t break up or get cakey at all. Truly looks HD camera ready;). I have to stop touching my skin when I wear this but can’t help it. Just so soft and silky. When you wash your face at the end of the day, it feels nice and soft and plump after. That is some serious skin care in there. So although you don’t need much and it does actually last as long as my Dior air flash foundation, I truly wish the tube was bigger for the price you pay. 123 is the perfect match for me so I’m not complaining but I do think they should have a broader shade range. But neither of those effect the quality of the product.

Beautiful feel and finish. I love it for under eye and everywhere. It just gets into the right places and I have a really small face. It leaves a blurred effect and feels so soft and silky. It allows for my concealer to stick to the skin without streaks or dry patches. I love my hourglass concealer brush in their vanish collection but it is nowhere near as soft and Jumbo concealer gets it in with a much more blurred effect. Sooooo silky smooth. Love love love.

Dream, dream, dream Brush. I have had the hardest time looking for foundation brushes. Many powder ones and I love Wayne Goss’Edit Collection but not great for liquids. I tried so many even Hourglass, Fenty, Rare Beauty, Wayne Goss Foundation brush (#2?) and Surratt Artist Foundation Brush. Each had a flaw but all of them could not get my foundation onto my face. I used all the you tube tricks too - moisturize, primer, powder, primer, powder, setting spray, etc. Concealer was a disaster also. Same issues with Powder foundation. So I thought I would never get to wear make up and look pretty ever. But Sonia G Fusion series is the best ever for liquid and creams. I have not found a single brush that helped keep the foundation on my face and be streak free without dry patches until Jumbo base and also Classic Base. I tried so many foundations before that I realized it’s got to be the brush that is the problem as my skin is now pretty great. All the brushes scratched my face even the synthetic ones. I had no idea what a good foundation brush felt like until now. This Jumbo base is out of this world. So super soft with zero scratch ones. Applies on so smooth so quick and so even. I get zero streaks and no dry patches. Like that’s all it took?! The right brush?! I can wear any foundation now it’s mind blasting. This brush is also great for contouring when you use the too edge. Takes less than 1 minute to get foundation and contour on. My life is complete now. Wayne Goss Edit for powders and Sonia G Fusion for Liquids and Creams. They complete me. I recommend it to anyone. My life is that much better now. Thank you Sonia G!

Most beautiful and soft brushes

Omg. Hands down the best brushes for liquids and creams. I have been looking everywhere for a foundation brush. Jumbo base spreads foundation that is creamy, thicker, or tacky so effortlessly and you hardly have to use much product. No streaks and my dry skin hardly moves underneath. Classic one is perfect for liquid aqua foundations. Just beautiful. I have struggles with foundations forever and I guess I have learned it’s all about the brush you use. I live the feel of my skin.! Not a single prickly area. Just soft like silk. Must try.

Beautiful, soft, and truly a game changer

My skin is awful to work with. I am a frontline HCP. I sanitize my entire testing and injection room between 100-400 times per day. I sanitize my hands at least 100 times per day. The mandatory sanitizer contains Hydrogen Peroxide which I am sensitive to. I also have to spray my N95 mask that I reuse with Hydrogen Peroxide. I am sensitive to Hydrogen Peroxide even before the pandemic. But to keep everyone safe, I bite the bullet, break out into cystic lumps/hives every single day, and I don’t complain. On my rare days off, I treat my skin and often it goes back to normal. However, it is dry, textured, flaky and oily. I love putting on foundation and make up on my days off. But foundation looks horrific no matter how many tips I tried. These brushes are so beautiful but soooooo expensive for me, although overall, they are not expensive at all. So I went for it. On the first try, my dew drop Surratt foundation finally stuck to my primer and skin. I dab it in softly with small little swirls. I use the pointed end to dab and spray the brush with setting spray which mixing the foundation with oil. I use Tatcha’s Canvas primer. And omg, I was so happy! Just the littles things can make me happy these days. Like breathing fresh air. Thank you, Wayne Goss for these life changing brushes. I cannot tell you how truly happy they made me by perfecting my make up. I tried again many times with the same results. Definitely, soft motions lead to no streaming at all. And the concealer is as actually silky smooth. I strongly strongly recommend these brushes.

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