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Perfect pick up and lay down

I have the T4 and Z4 brushes and although I really like them I find the Z4 too "floppy" and I don't always want to roundness of the T4. I don't have any of the GSN series brushes so I thought I'd give this a go. This is my only brush that is a mix of squirrel and goat, all my other brushes are one or the other. When this arrived I loved how the bristles are long and elegant looking and. The overall length of the brush is quite long, much longer than the Z4 or T4. I have to say I'm not overly keen on the gold coloured ferrule but that's just my personal choice. After the initial wash this brush bloomed beautifully and stayed incredibly soft, no fall out at all. It also doesn't have the strong goat smell you often get, I guess because it's mixed with squirrel. The bristles are packed and the brush feels "full" rather than wispy but they are not dense meaning this dried easily overnight.

I didn't use brush guard after reading a detailed article from Sonia G where she notes that only use a brush guard if you want the brush to remain tighter and more targeted in its application of the product but if you want the brush to bloom then don't use a guard but shape the bristles and gently fan them out as it's drying to decrease drying time and to maintain shape. So, sidebar on brush guards completed...

I used this brush to apply Nars blusher in colour Exhibit A which is a highly pigmented red blusher. I swiped this in the pan once and could see straight away that the pick up was excellent. The application of the blush was absolutely perfect for a natural flush of colour. The brush also blended out the colour so quickly with very little effort on my part. I don't think I have ever applied my blusher so quickly. I had to do a double to take to make sure I didn't have any streaks. This is incredibly good at creating that healthy glow which is exactly what I like for summer months. The bristles are so soft, just as soft as the Z4 that is all squirrel. So much so that I wanted to keep blending even though the blusher was perfectly applied in seconds.

I think it would be harder (but not impossible) to get a more targeted and defined application with this brush but I tend to like both types of looks depending on the occasion. I used the Z4 on the other cheek to compare and the difference was immediately clear. I actually then found I resented the Z4 somewhat for those extra seconds I had to spend blending out with battling the Z4's floppiness.

If you tend to be in a hurry with your make-up and need to rush out the door (or to that video call) then this brush massively cuts down the time and effort and whilst I was able to build intensity to test this out I really think it would be hard to go wrong. This makes it the perfect brush for those with highly pigmented blush or those new to using blushes and are nervous about blending / clown face or those with a heavier hand that have to buff at the end to get a more natural look. I love this brush.

Clean and cares!

I usually use the beauty blender charcoal sold cleaner for my brushes. I tried this after reading the reviews and thought well as long as it's not any worse than what I currently have it's not masses of money spent and not really wasted money.

I can't believe I waited so long to get this shampoo after going back and forth on whether I really "needed" it. There was nothing particularly wrong with the beauty blender cleaner, but I hadn't tried anything else so had no comparison.

So, you don't get as much product per gram/$ as you do with the beauty blender solid cleaner, that's for sure. BUT this brush shampoo is not in the same league. My brushes were noticeably cleaner than usual and the shampoo washed out really easily.

I have used this for synthetic, undyed goat, died goat and grey squirrel. This shampoo performed equally well on all brushes, my brushes were much cleaner than they ever have been and what's more they felt softer after using this shampoo, especially my T-1 that I was finding a bit scratchy. The rose scent was very soft and pleasant and actually nice to neutralise the "goaty" smell I still had with some brushes. I

The way I see it now that I have tried it, I'm spending $$$ on brushes so it seems poor economics to use a cheap cleaner to save a few coins and risk ruining the brushes.

I am now getting this in grapefruit as well.

I got this after reading the positive reviews and because the description states that this brush is unlike other fan brushes in that it picks up a lot of pigment. That description is entirely accurate! Because of this brush I am able to use the Nars Orgasm blush that has been sitting unused in my make up kit for well over a year. I just could not get any colour pay off on my dark skin with other brushes. With this brush, I can use the blush as a highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones and in the arch of my brow. I didn't buy this for use with one product of course and also use this for other highlighters (Becca, Natasha Denona, Hourgalss) to provide a good pop of light but somehow the application is still very natural looking - it never goes OTT even when my hand isn't that light or I'm in a rush. The bristles are very soft but they are firm so you don't get that "floppy" feeling when applying the product. I find that a more subtle look can be achieved by using the side of the bristles rather than on the thin flat edge which is more intense. The brush is nicely weighted and the maple wood feels solid. The brush feels well constructed and like it will last, with proper care of course. I had actually given away my Smashbox fan brush as I didn't see the point of them but I would certainly try other fan brushes from Sonia G based on the performance of the Sculpt 3.

Flawless Foundation Application

I got this after watching a You Tuber use this for her foundation and I was intrigued. I was looking for a new foundation brush and as I love WG I gave it a whirl. I admit, at first I was underwhelmed but I had tried this first with new foundation and actually it was the foundation that was problematic. I then went on to use it with my usual liquid foundation (Armani). At first I tried stippling it on which takes a long time and hurts your arm and takes a while to build coverage. I thought there had to be a better way. The shape of the bristles is similar to the Becca "the one" perfecting brush, so I thought I would try applying foundation using the technique I would have used for that Becca brush. This technique is to use short downward strokes. Game changer!! Flawless application, minimal time. This does not irritate my skin at all. I have not tried with powder as it's too large to fit in my powder foundation pan and I don't want to cram the bristles in a ruin the brush. This brush is thick and does take a bit to clean and dry it and took just as long as my T-1 to dry. I feel I can apply foundation with even coverage if I'm in a rush and no aching arms either :)

It really DOES shed. Like really.

I'm a huge WG fan. His brushes are the reason I decided to try Beautylish as I was nervous to shop internationally at first but I had to try WG's tools. I wanted to get an alternative foundation brush but, most importantly, a buffing brush. Here was a brush that could do both! It was also the brush that WG uses as his "one brush for your entire face" so I went all out and bought 2 of these babies.

I really wanted to perfect my face routine to have everything blend seamlessly the way Mr G does so I got one for foundation and one for the buffing technique. I had read reviews about this shedding but looking at the dates of the reviews thought that perhaps the construction of the brush has changed now after all this time to eliminate this issue. It hasn't. This sheds and sheds and sheds. The smaller hairs are more irritating as you have to pick them off while trying to lay down an even, flawless base. Interestingly this has never shed one hair while I have washed it (three times now). After a few months of use the shedding isn't as bad as it was (around 3 hairs per use now) but I am certain the brush actually feels less densely packed.

This brush is fantastic at applying foundation (especially powder foundation) and blends out my Pat Mcgrath concealer like no other brush. It's lightweight and whilst the brush is small it is no smaller than other "face brushes" (Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay for eg). Size is not an issue here. I found that this is not as good at the buffing technique as I had hoped, even though WG uses this brush for his buffing technique. I found it a bit too stiff and it seemed to move around some of my base. I also didn't find it as soft for buffing as I had hoped and the constant shedding is completely counter-productive to wanting that flawless finish as I then have to use my fingers to delicately pick off tiny hairs and risk ruining those areas I spent so hard making flawless. So I have simply stuck to using it for foundation and concealer. I don't find this brush as impressive as his others or as Sonia G, for instance. That was difficult to write.

Buffing machine

First I's like to acknowledge the amazing customer service at Beautylish who replaced this brush for me the same day as I notified them that it had arrived less than perfect. I was totally blown over. Thank you! It will certainly keep me shopping here. As for the brush, I got this primarily for buffing as I found the WG13 just too stiff to buff (and it sheds to high heaven) and I wasn't prepared to shell out for the SG "buffing brush" that seems not to have many other uses. This buffs my Laura Mercier candleglow fininshing powder at the end of my routine like a dream and really helps to blend blush into a beautiful flush without any lines. It doesn't move my base or concealer but is firm enough to actually buff with ease. It picks up the pressed finishing powder so easily. I wasn't looking for another blush brush but this also lays down blush perfectly! It has worked just as well with Chanel and Bobbi Brown blushes. NO fall out at all. Anyone contemplating the buffing brush should really re-think and consider this instead which is a lot cheaper...

Beautifully soft mult-tasker

I have the WG Air Brush and love it (I have a spare too). But the WG is so delicate I worry about using it for cheeks. I got this by mistake thinking it was a rounder brush but I have NO regrets. It is so soft and it lays down loose powder beautifully so I love it for setting my under eye and small sections of my cheeks. It does pick up a lot more loose powder than the Air Brush so it is possible to go overboard on the loose powder but the bristles are firmer than the Air Brush so you can easily swipe away the excess powder. It is not as tapered as the Air Brush so I find a slightly less precise application of highlighter. You can see the comparison in the photo. This brush is great for blusher, which was my main reason for purchasing this. For me the best thing about this brush is its ability to blend out powder contour in a way I've never experienced before. Done in seconds. The pinched ferrule gives the perfect side for my face to really get into the hollows. I have not found this as good for my nose though and prefer the Airbrush for that. I have compared this to the WG because that the closest comparison but in reality they are very different brushes and there is room for both of them in my routine and in the types of looks I like and products I use. Blusher application is so light but certainly buildable - though never overboard. This also blends really well so there is no real need to buff everything in at the end of your routine so could take a step out if you like going over and blending everything together at the end. This brush could perform all of your powder work (setting, blush, contour and highlight) if you wanted it to. Love it.

Great performance overall

This is my first Sonia G purchase but I have been looking for a good set of travel brushes as (pre-Covid) I travelled a lot and hopefully will do so again. I had used a ruler to work out the size of these brushes and compared them to the sizes of my WG and Rephr brushes so I wasn't shocked at the sizes when they turned up. For those wanting a quick summary - yes these brushes are a great option if you travel a lot and need to travel light. If you are travelling for a longer period (2 week holiday) and if you will want to create really detailed eye looks or mix it up a bit, then this won't be the one stop shop and you will need to bring some detailed brushes. I took one star off because the size of the bristles means that I can't really fit the base brush under the eye area for concealer and the face brush is also similarly too large for that area on my face. I tried doing my entire look with only the brushes in the set as a true test of whether this will work for me as my only make up tools. In short, no. I would need my beauty blender as well. The base brush - amazing! If I had tried this before my current foundation brush I would be doing everything I can to get a Sonia G face brush. So soft, it doesn't soak up a lot of product and it buffs my Armarni liquid foundation into an amazingly smooth and even finish. This was a little too big for blending out under eye concealer and I would rather use my finger or the tip of a beauty blender. Face brush: Very soft and diffuses powder blush beautifully, no real need to "buff" at the end as the application is so light you can gradually build the colour. I did think the brush was a little too big for setting my under eye powder and using the tip of a damp beauty blender has better results for me. Flat Definer - Picks up a lot of pigment so performs the role of packing colour. extremely well. Jumbo Blender: I struggled with this at first. At first I was disappointed. Could not get this to blend and this was just too big for my eye. I then read reviews of the full size brush and people were calling this their "one and done". I thought okay maybe I'm using this wrong I watched a tutorial on how to use it and tried again and I found I got better results. After washing the brush I found it loosened up a bit and became easier to use. I have now managed to create a beautiful day time matte smoked out look with this one brush and 3 colours from the Natasha Denona Bronze palette. So I think if you aren't used to this brush then practice a little and wash it as it does get easier. I can now see why this can be a "one and done" brush. You always have your finger to swipe on a glittery shade for a lovely night time look. Mini booster - this was good for my smaller eyes, especially as I struggled with the jumbo blender at first. I didn't find it picked up as much colour as I expected but the size is good for hooded/small eyes. I also found it didn't law down as much colour on the lower lash line as I expected.

Soft and versatile

I got this based on other reviews and I’m so happy that I did. This brush is so soft. I had never had a squirrel hair brush before so I was thinking, well how soft could it really be? Well, its incredibly soft. I have shown a photo comparing it to the T-4 so that you can see size and shape comparison. The WG brush has a slightly pinched ferrule so you can use this very easily for highlight. To me, it’s much better for highlight than the T-4, which also says it’s a highlighter and cheek brush. This brush also fits perfectly under the eye area to set concealer and for setting other small areas (nose, spots etc). You could also use this to apply a light powder contour with bronzer. All of which I have done. Because the brush is so soft you don’t pick up too much product first time. So it’s great for a subtle look or for building intensity. I would not recommend for blush if you like to apply in a circular motion. The pinched ferrule and bristle shape is not (IMO) ideal for blush. I guess you could apply high on the cheekbone in soft strokes then buff it out with a soft brush at the end of your face routine so that you don’t have a streak of colour. This is a versatile brush if you use powder products. I use it everyday. It hasn’t shed any hairs yet!

A must for all eye shapes and all looks

I got this as a big blender brush as everyone needs one, right? I have slightly hooded eyes and my eyes are small. I sometimes find Pat McGrath satin and matte shades hard to blend out evenly. I was using Sigma brushes. I then used the Charlotte Tilbury blending brush. THEN came this brush. A total game changer! This made picking up the colours easy and blending was effortless (I’m no pro by any means). I immediately thought, I need to buy spares! This somehow manages to get into the crease (hooded at that) and blend out colour to a sheer finish. It can build colour up over the crease and blend out a dark shade on the outer v into your transition shade with ease. It really makes the shadow look much better. If you only buy one real hair eyeshadow brush, this is the one to get because of its multitasking abilities and ease of use with various eye shapes and sizes. I also have dry skin on my eyes (eczema). A lot of brushes can feel scratchy. This brush was so soft, I hardly felt it gliding over my crease. I admit I was very surprised at the results!

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