Beauty Product Reviews

The only mascara I like.

I have been looking for years for the right mascara and finally found it with Surrat. The only negative is that the container iis very small and it looks like there isnt a whole lot of product in there. However, I LOVE the way ths looks, and gives definition to my eyes, and will never use another brand. I do not curl my eyelashes and don't have particularly long or visible lashes (I do have dark hair and skin though,so need some definition in my eye makeup.)This stuff really makes a difference, giving my lashes definition, color without getting clumpy or giving that "heavy mascara" look, which i hate. It does give a lot of color and definition to your lashes,and doesn't wear off , which I love,but it does it in a way that is different from other mascaras. Maybe that is why they call it a lash "tint." As another reviewer said, this also does not leave smudges under your eyes. It stays on until you remove it, amazing stuff.

Virgin Orchid/Beautiful eye shadow

I have worn a tiny bit of makeup for my whole life, but only recenly started adding things like eyeshadow and foundation. I used to balk at foundation and eyeshadow and bright lipstick, as to me that connoted the "madeup" fake look. However, as I've gotten older,in my late 40s, I have started experimenting with a bit more makeup. I still don't like the heavily made up look.I went from wearing no eyeshadow to using Tom Ford Eye Quads. I have Virgin Orchid and Double Indemnity. Both are gorgeous and easy to use.

Beautiful color/love the way it feels on my lips

I don't usually wear bright lipsticks, because I tend towards a more "natural" look . But sometimes a bright lipstick really just makes me feel great. Alexandria Octasio-Cortez, the gorgous congresswoman, also has inspired me to go for the bright lipstick more often, especially when I go out at night (still in pandemic lockdown, but one day we will again go out). this is a gorgous color and texture, just perfect.

my all time favorite blush

I have been looking for the right blush for decades, literally, and Kjare Weis is hands down the one. I used to use abundance, and still love that color, but switched to blossoming as I have olive skin and needed something a bit brigher. The abundance is beautiful but for my darker skin it tended to fade after a few hours. the blossoming doens't fade as much. What I love about this blush is how natural and sheer it looks. I need color on my cheeks, but hate the look of obvious blush (as opposed to obvious lipstick.) it's pricey but so worth it.

My favorite cream blush

This is a gorgeous cream blush and pretty much the only blush I use. I did just (a couple of days ago) purchase Sisley's L'Orchidée, which is a combination blush, highlighter (for $110!) and so am using that now in combination with my Kjaer Weis cream blush. I use the colors Reverence and/or Blossoming. Blossoming is a deeper, more vivid color and works well on my olive toned skin. Reverence also looks great, but I find I have to re-apply that one, as it's a touch to light/subtle for my darker toned skin. If you want a natural looking, beautiful blush, Kjaer Weis is, in my opinion, probably the best one out there, and I have tried A LOT of blushes. I also really like there packaging.