Beauty Product Reviews

I wasn’t too sure if I would like these and I was positive that I don’t need more lip products from jeffree star - however, these are AMAZING and I’m SO GLAD I got them! I bought Cookie Dough Fetish, Improper, Please Forgive Me, No Shame and Wifey - I wasn’t too sure about this applicator when I saw it but OMG yesssss!!! The formula is PERFECT and the applicator makes it apply so well to my lips - the product lasted a long time and it doesn’t dry up like the velour liquid lip so it continues to have a glossy looking sheen to it - I would say it’s right in the middle of The Gloss and Velour Liquid Lip as far as the formula so it gave me the beat of both worlds! The scent is delish as well too - way different than his other formulas! I’m so glad I bought these! I will be buying more very soon!