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I don't get the hype

It's a nice colour and it certainly feels moisturizing as it's applied, but ugh, it's just so patchy! Totally highlights every piece of dry skin, something I'd expect out of a matte lipstick and not one that claims to be hydrating.

Great as a natural blush

On my lips, Benetint wears off in about 30 seconds. On my cheeks, however, it delivers the perfect subtle flush and stays all day. The bottle lasts forever since you use so little with each application. Not a must-have, but for now I'm happy to have it as part of my routine.

My favourite red

This stuff is killer! Such a lush, deep, velvety red. My lips are always on the dry side and every other matte lip product I've tried has looked awful aside from this one. I don't find it to be moisturizing but it's definitely not drying, either. Just a great lip colour that lasts for hours!

Popular for a reason

I love this stuff--it comes out thick but applies lightly and evenly (I use a damp Beautyblender). If I need a bit of spot coverage I'll dab a bit more on with my fingertip. It matches my skintone just about perfectly, and although there is a bit of greyness at first it oxidizes in just a few minutes leaving me with a uniform complexion. My one complaint: With the opaque bottle it's practically impossible to tell when you're running out until it's too late! Quite the inconvenience when you have to have it shipped from halfway around the world. Still, it's worth it. A bottle lasts me about 5 months and costs about half the price of Western foundations (while working twice as well!).

Nothing special

It's not bad, it's just not great. This shade is a tad too yellow for my skintone (NW15) but I can't really fault it for that. Lightweight, buildable coverage (maxes out at medium), decent staying power. Yawn.

Exfoliates without drying

This is my daily facial cleanser. I love the silica microbeads because they are gentle on my face, yet plentiful enough to really be effective (unlike so many "exfoliating" face washes where the beads are too sparse to do any good). It also doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry afterwards, even in the winter. I can't see myself switching any time soon!

Works exactly as advertised

Due to some unlucky genetics I've got rather prominent pores on my nose and cheeks that I can't really do anything about. I apply a pea-sized amount of Porefessional across those areas after foundation and instantly my pores...well, they don't quite vanish completely but it's about a 95% improvement. Could not be happier with this product! I keep my full-sized tube at home and a sample-sized one in my bag for touch ups throughout the day.

So close to perfection

First received this as a sample in a Sephora VIB bag and it was love at first stroke. I've got long eyelashes that I seek to thicken and darken with mascara, and Hypnose Drama did both flawlessly without clumping or flaking. When my sample ran out I immediately bought a full-sized tube, so happy that I'd found my HG mascara. However, I'm disappointed. The full-sized tube leaves way too much product on the wand (due to the wand's S-shape) and I absolutely hate having to wipe away what is otherwise an amazing (and expensive!!) formula. I'll be sticking with it until I finish the tube because it really does make my lashes look incredible, but when it's done I'll probably be trying out another Lancome mascara.

Great for brow powders

This is my daily brow powder brush as it always manages to both pick up and put down the right amount of product. Most brow brushes are far too stiff, this one is very soft. Don't think I could use it for eyeliner like other reviewers have mentioned as it's rather thick.

Never going back to brushes

This product seriously lives up to the hype. Forget everything you thought you knew about cosmetics sponges because this is nothing like the rest. A damp Beautyblender doesn't absorb too much product and gives even, buildable, flawless coverage. $26CAD isn't cheap, but after 6 months of use (with proper care and frequent cleanings) it's hardly showing any signs of wear. Worth it!

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