Beauty Product Reviews

Loved the color online

When I first opened the applicator had separated from the top. It also doesn’t apply the best. But once coated twice it looks very shiny and lacquered. Really disappointed in the performance, as I’m loving the mossy green color. I’ll keep it because the color is just beautiful!

Lovely colors!

I absolutely love the colors in this palette. All of them show on my skin tone. Also they blend out amazingly well using my natural hair or synthetic brushes. This could quickly become my favorite palette for the fall!

It’s beautiful but...

After watching Kelsey and Mel’s videos I had to have this palette! I ordered on launch day and it arrived quickly. The packaging is very prone to finger prints but I knew that before purchasing. My issue was even trying to get into the palette!! It’s extremely difficult to open. You will literally break your nails. Also the black color that I was most looking forward to fades very quickly. I did use a black pencil to help it adhere and it did but it didn’t last and looked gray. I’m sadly going to return it.

This is a great crease brush and blends beautifully! The biggest drawback is it doesn’t hold it shape whatsoever! Even after only one gentle wash! It still performs well so I’ll keep it but it splayed horribly.

I hate that I’m really not that impressed with this. I like that it’s gentle, but it’s not very thorough with cleaning. Especially if you have makeup on. I needed to go in with another cleaner. On non-makeup days it’s fine.

My first smith brush purchase and I’m not disappointed. This brush is absolutely amazing at packing on shadows! I don’t have small eyes but I still feel like this worked great for me

really impressed

I truly enjoy these brushes! they're very soft and none scratchy on the eyes. so for synthetic brushes they perform very well. I also love the overall design of them, the handles are very cute!

Spring and summer ready

This palette is absolutely gorgeous. Once I tried it in store I knew I had to have it. The colors are pretty and so blendable with minimal fallout. Also it’s very pigmented. I feel applied wet they’d be next level!

It has a pretty neutral smell. It does a good job of getting my face clean without being too abrasive. I have it four starts because I had to lather twice to feel like my face was entirely free from makeup.

Smellls amazing

Bum bum cream is amazing. It actually does what it describes and smells delicious! It even had a strange man following me in the store saying he has to find out what it was so that he could purchase for his wife.

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