Beauty Product Reviews

Great Powder brush, but sheds

I left a similar review for the Pro Cheek brush, I love this brush for precise powder application but I don't love that it sheds every time I use it. I've had it for a few months, washed it a few times, and it still sheds a couple hairs with every use. Amazing powder brush and wonderfully soft but it's annoying to have to pick hairs off my face every time I use it. Strangely, both this brush and the cheek brush also smelled very strongly like a petting zoo when I first got them, but it has worn down a bit with repeated washings. I have her pro eye set and the Sculpt Three as well and didn't experience shedding or any strange smell with those brushes.

Lovely cheek brush, but sheds

I really do like this cheek brush, it's wonderfully soft and nice and small. It's my ideal cheek brush, the only thing I don't like about it is that it sheds. At first it was a lot (I'm talking 5-ish hairs per use) but I've had it for a few months now and washed it a few times and I still get a hair every other use or so. I'm torn between loving it and not wanting to use it because I have to pick hairs off my face. I have a similar problem with the Inochige pro brush as well.

Perfect for precise crease application

I bought the Blender Pro first and it's my favorite brush to use for applying shadow to my crease everyday. I thought I didn't need this one as well because nothing could replace the Blender Pro for me, but I bought it anyways because of how much I've loved every brush from this new Pro line. This Crease Pro is firmer and pointier than the Blender Pro, and the ferrule is narrower in diameter. I use it to apply a more precise crease color on top of my already blended out crease, if I'm feeling that kind of a look. I also like it to pack color onto my outer lid and blending it into my crease, when I want a more precise application than I can get with the Worker Pro. I've come to love it for its pointier tip.

Perfect shape and size

I was hesitant to get this brush because in the pictures it looks very similar to the Worker Pro, just a bit shorter. But I have them both and I can say they are completely different. From the side the Builder Pro comes to a very nice tapered point, whereas the Worker Pro splays out and is fluffy. The Worker Pro is definitely a blending brush whereas the builder is perfect for packing on shadow. I love the size of this brush, I have small eyelids and it's perfect for packing shadow precisely on the outer corner of my lid without getting it into my crease, a problem I have with my other flat packing-type brushes. It's also the prefect shape for applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line. I'm very glad I added this brush to my collection. Every brush so far in the Pro line has been nothing like anything I own so far, and I find them all to be essential now for applying my eye makeup. They've quickly replaced all my other brushes.

Favorite blending brush ever

The blending brush is so soft, it's got an almost floppy feel when blending but the belly of the brush is firm enough that it holds it's shape, nothing else I've used is quite like it. It applies a perfect wash of color and blends shadow like a dream. By far my favorite blending brush for applying shadow to my crease, it's an absolute joy to use!

Excellent MAC 217-type brush

This brush reminds me very much of the popular MAC 217 shape, and it works well for blending out shadow for that type of application. I use it mostly for packing color onto my outer lid and then blending outwards and into my crease. I was using a Sigma E25 before and this brush splays out a little more and I find that the bristles drag the color around much easier so I get a more effortless blend.

Good for very soft blown out application of shadow

The tip of this brush is very floppy, and it took me a while to stop poking myself in the eye while trying to apply eyeshadow to my lower lash line. Because it's so flexible, this brush works well for getting a very smoked out under eye look, with a soft wash of eyeshadow. It doesn't replace a regular pencil brush for me because I need a firmer tip for more precise and bold application of shadow under the eye. But if I feel like it's too bold or the line too obvious this brush works well for blending out the line.

Good for lower lash line

I'm still not entirely sure what to think of this brush, it's very small. It applies and smokes out eyeshadow nicely to the lower lash line if you're looking for a very precise line, and that's how I like to use it. But since it's so small it takes forever to apply eyeshadow as liner to the top lid. I have to keep dipping back in and building it up forever for any eyeshadow to show up. I do like it for the lower lash line only, so now I'm using two brushes to apply my liner instead of one, and really the difference isn't that noticeable that I needed 2 brushes in the first place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Perfect for applying highlighter

This brush is so soft an applies highlighter beautifully. Blends powders very nicely and small enough to apply with precision. It has fluffed out a bit since I've washed it a few times but it only makes blending even easier and overall has kept the same shape. It doesn't pick up firmer formulas as well, like the left side of the Fenty highlighter duos, and has a bit of trouble with my ABH Aurora glow palette, but I have a stiff brush that I use for those.