Beauty Product Reviews


I don't typically wear liquid foundation, so I can't speak to that functionality of this sponge, but I love that it works for powder products. I've used it dry to apply powder, blush, and highlighter. At first, it applies slightly heavier than a brush typically would, so I use a clean side to blend it out and it's perfect!

I'm especially excited about the prospect of bringing this sponge with me while traveling, rather than packing multiple brushes! Even if you're also using liquid or cream products, you could pack a couple of these sponges and that would be all you need to apply your face makeup. Plus, you can't beat the $6 price!

My lips but SHINIER

I like a "my lips but shinier" look for my gloss and Candy Drip is perfect! The color is not much different from my normal lips. The glitter reflects aren't chunky and just make it look like an extremely shiny gloss, rather than looking sparkly. It's also a bit moisturizing and not sticky at all. I'm a big fan :)

Unique scent, improves through wear

I didn't like this scent when I first sprayed it on my hand to test out. However, I rubbed it a little (something you really shouldn't do - it removes the delicate top notes!), and I preferred the scent with out the top notes. I think the base notes are the superstars of this fragrance. The scent develops into very unique vibes at each stage of wear.

TOP - At first this scent gave a light/fresh and slightly floral scent, mostly thanks to the bergamot. I'm not big into fresh scents and I'm not sure what it was, but something about these notes wasn't really for me.

MIDDLE - Next, the fragrance develops into a strong floral. I enjoy florals a lot, so I enjoyed this stage. The strongest note I could pick out was the very traditional tuberose, which people tend to either love or hate. I would have preferred a more subtle note of tuberose, because I think it overpowered the other florals in the composition. However, I still enjoyed the scent.

BASE - Finally, my favorite part! The base notes are warm and inviting. The molecular mix provides a welcome change from a normal vanilla-y or musky base, while still providing a lot of depth to the fragrance. I trouble picking out the notes, because I'm not used to those scents, but with some research I found that it's composed of ambroxan (manufactured ambergris), hedione (a synthetic floral), ISO-E (a woody molecule), and fire tree. I'm definitely going to be looking out for those notes in other scents, because I loved the dry down of this fragrance!

I rated it 4 stars rather than 5, because I didn't love the top stage, but that generally only lasts about 10-20 minutes into the wear of a perfume. I would still recommend this fragrance because I loved the dry down period and the base notes are the scent you get for most of the time that you wear a perfume.

Perfect beginner chemical exfoliator

This was my first step into the world of chemical exfoliators and I love it!

I have sensitive skin, so I only use it once or twice a week to be safe and I haven't had any issues it aggravating my skin!

The morning after I use the overnight exfoliating treatment, my skin always feels baby soft. I also have notice dramatic improvement in some milia bumps I have between my brows!

Brought my dipbrow back to life!

I used one drop of Duraline to revitalize my dried out ABH Dipbrow Pomade, and it worked perfectly!

The Duraline didn't affect the Dipbrow formula at all, and it saved me from throwing out a barely used jar just to purchase another. I'd definitely recommend this to extend the life of your gel and pomade products.

Great for self tanning the face

I'm always nervous to self tan my face. I'm afraid tanners will make me break out, or be too strong, but I've found this one to be perfect for face application!

I apply it at night in place of my night time face moisturizer after washing, toning, and applying serums. I like to use it 3 days in a row at first to build up the tan, then every other day afterwards to maintain.

The tan is definitely subtle, but it is buildable. The morning after application, I get a healthy, glowy version of my face....No breakouts, or oompa loompa looks!

Perfect for travel

This brush is amazing for avid travelers looking to save space in their bag, or anyone who wants an all in one brush! The price is the same as spending $7.25 on each brush, making it great value as well.

I like to use the most dense setting for concentrating color in the outer crease, the second setting for applying an all over base color to my lids, and the least dense for blending or a lighter application of all over color. The eyeliner side has given me very precise application.

The only other brush I need with this one is a smaller blending brush. This brush is a bit large when it's on the least dense setting, so it can be difficult to blend out more targeted areas. However, this may not be an issue for people with more lid space than me!