Beauty Product Reviews

easy to use!

This is great for someone like me who always yearns for a little color on the lids but cant seems to work an eyeshadow palette. Its also great for anyone on the go or someone who likes quick and easy application!

The color was perfect for my skin. Its a light brown that works as a great neutral. I simply swipe it on my lids and use my fingers to blend. It works well for skin thats a little on the oily side and it stays on all day with no creasing. Cant wait to try this in more colors!

precise application and good overall color

I think I have tried every single Benefit brow product and the Ka-Brow! Eyebrow cream-gel color was my favorite by far.

I was originally looking for something with an easier and quicker application which was the only downside, but after trying it I was hooked. This product comes with a little brush in the wand which is handy for traveling and on-the-go. The brush in very small and angular which helped mimic the look of real hairs while also providing a good amount of color. Its perfect for anyone looking for both a natural look or a more defined look as it is buildable. I personally have sparse and thin hairs so it worked well for covering those empty spots while still leaving a natural look.

The gel color itself does leave a more waxy finish which is great for all day coverage and doesn't flake throughout the day. It could tend to feel a bit thick if you apply too much, but I never experienced any crunchiness that some products tend to do.

easy all in one product!

I came across this product when looking into switching over to a cream based blush. I purchased sunkissed as I wanted a natural slight peachy/sunkissed look. This product is easy to use, and its great for people who need something quick and easy. You can simply swipe it across your cheeks, eyelids, and lips and gently tap for an easy blend. It comes with a built in brush which makes it easy to travel with, however, I prefer using my fingers for a little more control. It stays on all day even when my skin tends to get oily mid day.

Great consistency and lightweight!

I decided to try this sunscreen after years and years of trying to find a suitable sunscreen for my sensitive and combination skin. I loved it from the first minute I put it on my face. It goes on super lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy and oily like i've experienced in the past, the consistency is the sweet spot between matte and moisturizing ( a combo skin miracle), and it blends well with other moisturizers and makeup I apply as well. It doesn't leave a white cast on my skin as others have in the past and I am a light complexion with olive/yellow/neutral undertones (I wear Sante Fe in Nars foundation for reference).

Overall I am so thankful to have found this product! Highly recommend for people with combo skin that have a hard time finding a sunscreen that is not too heavy and oily.