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Best vitamin C ever!

I absolutely am a huge fan of vitamin C and have been using a very expensive brand...VERY EXPENSIVE! I had never heard of The Ordinary, until one night scrolling on instagram. I looked them up and was mind blown by the cost of their products. I then did some research finding out why they are able to sell quality face serums and other products for so affordable. I created a regimen which included their Vitamin C suspension, and decided to alternate nights. One night using retinol, the next night using the vitamin C. The first experience was not great. It burned and it burned BAD! However, I knew burning is normal with vitamin C and I also felt that I had used way too much. I took 3 days off from using it and then with hesitation tried it again. The second time using an EXTREMELY TINY AMOUNT!!!!! I cannot stress how little it takes of this product!! This time I had slight stinging which did not bother me, and let me tell you....WOW! The next morning I could see results! We’re my fine lines completely gone?? No. But, my skin was so bright and my skin tone more even (I have some redness in cheeks) I was so impressed! Over the past month I have continued using it and I can’t say enough! I start by cleansing my face, then apply the hyaluronic acid, modulating glucosides, vitamin C (just a teeny tiny amount) and then the cold pressed rose hip seed oil. I pat all the products into my skin, never rubbing and I allow about 15 minutes between the hyaluronic acid and the MG and then 10 minutes between the other products. If I start earlier in the evening with my face routine I will wait even longer before layering them next serum/product. I also want to add that I started off wanting to alternate nights between the vitamin C and retinol, but decided to do the vitamin C three times a week and then progressed to every other night. I am not a doctor, so I cannot say this for sure, but if this vitamin C causes severe burning and or burns, you used way too much. It takes VERY VERY LITTLE!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!