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Beauty Product Reviews

love my Doll Parts

It is hard to choose, but I would have to say that Doll Parts is my favorite shade of JSC Velour Liquid Lipstick. I bought the full size version after using up this shade from the mini reds bundle. The shade is a beautiful cool-toned pink. I have very fair skin, but I feel like this color would look great on any skin tone. In my opinion it is a great everyday color. Great pigmentation and no streaking. I highly recommend the shade Dall Parts if you haven't tried it, you will not be disappointed!

Excellent cleanser and makeup remover

I received a sample of this cleansing balm with another order and liked it so much that I purchased the 2.5 oz size product. It feels slightly greasy when initially applied to the face, but does not feel greasy after rinsing off. It leaves my face feeling soft and more hydrated compared to the Dove soap I typically use to wash my face. I have sensitive skin, but this did not cause any irritation or redness. It removes makeup very well, including eye makeup. A little scoop goes a long way. I have noticed a little bit of increased acne recently, however I can't say if it is related to this cleansing balm because I have been using several different new products on my face.

Pass on the shade (818)

This review is for the shade (818) only. I have about 10 other shades of the JSC Velour Liquid Lipstick and absolutely love them, but unfortunately the formula for the shade (818) is not up to par. I am disappointed because I have been waiting almost a year to purchase this shade after initially seeing it was sold out on the JSC website. It appears to be a light pink color in the image of it swatched on lips, but in person it is a bright neon pink/orange. Not at all the color I was expecting. Also, the formula is extremely patchy, something I have not previously experienced with other JSC Velour Liquid Lipstick shades. I attempted to layer, but this did not help. I applied after using a JSC lip scrub with no improvement. I would definitely recommend trying one of Jeffree's liquid lipsticks because usually the formulas and colors are on point, but avoid the shade (818).

Pretty color, not sticky

Picture is of shade Wet Peach on bare lips. The shade Wet Peach adds a pop of color over bare lips that is good for an everyday quick look, or is beautiful over a pink lipstick. It is not sticky or gritty. I only bought the one shade, but I am very pleased with The Gloss and will purchase more shades in the future.