Beauty Product Reviews


This is one of few products that I have used fully and continue to repurchase. I have used this product on brushes and sponges and it works perfectly. It doesn’t have a strong odor and does a great job cleaning. I will continue to repurchase this product so long as the company keeps selling it ❤️.


I love this product. One of my favorite purchases for the year. Very affordable. The packaging is beautiful, does come with a mirror. The blush is very pigmented and I tap off excess product and go in lightly and it works great. The white is more of a sheer glitter topper. I dab into the champagne highlight next to it and than lightly dab into the white glitter and it looks gorgeous as a highlight together. Haven’t had a lot of time to play with the bronzer. The bronzer appears to be cool toned and I did not have any orange vibes on my pale skin. The bronzer also is matte and I didn’t notice any shimmer when I applied or swatched it. I definitely think the blush and highlight would work for many skin tones.


I love this body wash, it’s a very creamy formula and feels very moisturizing. Pairs well with the SdJ lotion.

I feel like I’ve used this product adequately to leave a proper review. For starters I will say that the quality is nice and it does have a fuzzy velvet feel. It is heavier than a beauty blender and a bit wider. I use liquid foundation, followed by concealer under the eyes, and often a very quick hit of powder to bake my concealer. I will say that for general liquid foundation the product works fine and is more blurring than a BB. I don’t feel like it retained water as well as your normal BB, but it’s not as porous so that wasn’t surprising. The bottom is oldly shaped and does not aid in the makeup process. I struggled blending out my concealer. This product left a clear mark of demarcation and would not blend my concealer into my foundation. The velvet base material made the concealer tacky and stick to it, which completely removed portions of the concealer from my face. When I switched to my BB for the concealer portion, it blended fine as it always does. So I would say if you have a simply routine of concealer only, you’d probably love this. I am however not a fan of having to use a separate applicator when I could simply use my BB flawlessly for both processes.