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Beauty Product Reviews

This oil is insane

I have very acne prone skin so I was scared to introduce this new oil to my face. I've tried everyone's HG oils in the past: rosehip, jojoba, argan, etc etc., and I always wind up with cystic acne all over the place.

For ref my skin: combination leaning more toward oily, acne prone (angry cysts, very easily clogged pores) but extremely dry around the chin/nose due to trentinoin / epiduo acne medications and extremely dry during the cold months, leading to cracking/peeling skin.

I've been using this oil for 2 weeks now with not even one tiny pimple popping up in reaction to it. It's super moisturizing and makes my skin feel so good, that I've stopped using moisturizer completely. This squalane oil is enough in itself to keep my face hydrated and feeling so amazing. I wear it under my makeup and it's fine.

I still have face peeling due to the trentinoin but my last face peel was the oddest thing I've ever encountered. Instead of it being dry flakes, the peeling skin was so moist! Not dried out flake looking. It also made my flaking look 80% less intense, no redness, no raw skin. Usually with my acne medication I get very red irritated skin going all the way down to my neck. Since using this oil? Nothing.

I have no idea how I lived life for 34 years without this.

I like it!

I really like this powder! The issues I have with it aren't enough to ding off a star, so it will remain at a 5. It's been a great powder for my oily skin. The second I buff it on I can feel it soaking up the oil and leaving me with a nice base. I love the smell as well. It's a very obvious cotton candy smell. I was concerned with breaking out due to this, but after a few uses I've noticed no adverse reactions, acne, cystic response, etc. I just learned today that it's a natural occurring! (Maltol) Very cool. When I opened my box I noticed some powder in the container even though the white sticker was covering the holes. I figured it might have gotten messed up as the lids were going on? I didn't really put much thought into it since it was otherwise completely sealed. I don't carry this powder with me throughout the day so I probably missed that it leaks if jostled around. The powder is SUPERFINE. So fine that the first time I used it, I used way too much on a brush and half of it went straight up my nose. I hold my breath while applying it now, only because the second ingredient is talc, and I can't imagine huffing talc is too healthy for the lungs. Other than that, it's been good at controlling oil. Usually I use about 6-8 oil sheets per day, I'm down to about 2-3.