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Beauty Product Reviews

Not for super pigmented glitter lover

It's a delicate, beautiful eyeshadow palette. The shimmery shades have a watery, silky finish, and while under strong light setting they could give a slightly colourful reflection, which is subtle and classy. The matte shades, oh I love them so much, they are creamy, easy to blend, not too dry or too wet. I found that many matte eyeshadow tend to be too dry to blend, but this palette is not the case.

They are not very pigmented, maybe because of the colour design. Most of them are neutral shades, no matter deep or light shades, they are not the super intense type.

The formula is a little different from the old CT eyeshadow quad and Instant look in a palette. But they work pretty good. The old shadows are more on a dry, powdery side. Anyway, they are all beautiful, high quality eyeshadows. I really love it.

I found that Nordstrom carries this palette too. So if you were not sure about the pigmentation or formula blabla, better try them first on counters.

The passion of red colour

Can't say no to a pink Sakura paint!

Although I could give a lot of alternatives to every single brush in this collection, most of them are more pricey than this set. Besides, the quality of this collection is almost the same as Tom Ford or other lines made by goat hair from Chikuhodo.

PS, the brush case is soooo much better than the one in 2015.

Amazing as always

I bought two colours, liv it up and secret salma. Both of them could be worn everyday, with creamy formula and stunning colour. However, the colour transfer of secret salma is not as good as it on my arm, which turns into a lighter plum pink on my lips. But I still love it.

If U like creamy metallic shimmer effect

This is a must-have for people who love creamy metallic shimmer effect. Personally I prefer Japanese style shimmer cuz it suits for everyday looking. For me, the Natasha Denona palette is perfect for having some fun with superb pigmented (just like Japanese eyeshadow SUQQU) quality and highly colour transforming. Plus the colour could stay all day long on the eyelid!