Beauty Product Reviews

Must have brush!

AWESOME! this brush was included in the e.l.f 11 piece brush set i recently purchased. I've only used it a few times and I am sold! It's's only $3!..professional quality, and professional results. Morning makeup is so much easier with this brush. The bristle are soft, the "C" shape of the brush is perfect eyeshadow application to the eye lids, just a couple of sweeps is all it takes. I've never gotten results with my other eyeshadow brushes as i have with the "C" brush.

good to have.

This pot of gel is a good drugstore purchase. Gel doesn't dry out quickly as other gel in a pot do (read: the more expensive brands). Has a creamy consistency and glides on smooth (easy to fix any mistakes). Also, it is well pigmented; layer gel to your desired effect. I won't say this is smudgeproof because it can smear a smidgen, however, it is long lasting. Use whatever you want to apply the gel to your eyes. I think the applicator brush given is perfect for precise lining, given a stiff-enough tip. Wear down the stiffness to your liking & be sure to clean it. Or toss it.

Not all that

I have yet to find THE mascara, without having to do major damage my wallet (*rule of beauty* mascaras should be tossed after 3-4 months, so it makes sense for me not to lash out hella $$ knowing it's going in the g-bin an a few months). The real people reviews about this mascara were promising and some friends said it was a must have, so I must have. I bought it and i tried it. For a drugstore mascara it was good the purchase $ wise, but did nothing good for my short and skinny lashes. BOO :( Let's see which i'll try next.