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BEST liquid primer for eyes EVER!

LOVE Duraline! It's the most amazing primer you can use when applying loose pigment shadows. It catches everything so there's no fall out and it lasts forever. I used it under a Makeup Geek pigment and it lasted well over 24 hours. It really helps bring out all the intense colors you wouldn't see in loose pigments if you didn't use it. You get a very bold multidimensional look, you can see every shade in the pigment. It's amazing. It goes on easily, it's very light weight, a little goes a long way, and you don't feel any type of stickiness on your eyes. You can't even fell that you have it on. I love it. Without Duraline all the loose pigments I've invested in would have just sat there unused because I couldn't really see anything that stood out in my loose pigments. But when you use Duraline as a primer, it just changes things entirely. It even works with regular pressed shadows and just brings out that color that you fell in love with.