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Beauty Product Reviews

Pigment perfection

I can't say anything bad about this palette: first off, the range of colours are perfect for any skin tone as you can mix and customize any if these matte shades; the pigment in these creams is AMAZING - one light swipe of your finger and you have enough for both cheeks; and the price is extremely reasonable as you're getting multiple shades and each use is only using a small amount of product. I love RCMA and this palette fits right into my makeup kit!


At first, I was really nervous about digging into this beautiful pot of gold, but I soon got my courage up and went for it! I usually use powder, then set with clear gel so I thought I should try this out - I wasn't disappointed at all. This stuff is AMAZING! I mean, you barely need any product at all - the pot will definitely last a long time. It's super long lasting and glides on like a dream! The Auburn colour goes well with my red hair as I like a darker brow. And at such an affordable price you really can't go wrong. A must-have in everyone's makeup collection!