Beauty Product Reviews

My savior!

Excuse the mini rant that's coming! I have VERY dry sensitive flaky skin. To the point where I couldn't wear foundation anymore. I swear I've tried EVERYTHING. I kept reading online about Cetaphil, but every time I saw the product I was just like eh, it doesn't look like it would be so great. Finally bought it & I am SO SO SO happy that I did! I am finally able to wear makeup without looking super cakey & gross. Warning though, the texture & appearance of the cleanser is a little...odd. & it doesn't quite get my makeup off. I have to wash my face twice for it to actually remove the makeup, but I really think it's worth it.

Odd texture

It says it won't give you the greasy look and feel of other sunscreens, that part is correct...But it gives my skin a really weird's hard to describe. It feels like there's a weird film over my skin. Kind of dry & just ugh. It moisturized well but I couldn't stand the way my skin felt

This is the foundation I'm using currently. I have very dry skin & I end up trying about every foundation to see if one will not look cakey. This one has given me the best result so far. I have to moisturize like crazy beforehand or it ends up looking cakey, but much less cakey than others I've tried. I person with fairly normal skin would probably LOVE this.

For some dumb reason I keep buying these strips in hopes that they will one day decide to work. Still no such luck. There will occasionally be a couple of black dots on the strip but that's it. Still have a nose covered in blackheads. :(

I have very fair skin & I bought the lightest shade they had, but it was still too dark. Besides the fact that I can't find a shade light enough, I don't think it mixes well with my dry skin. It it good for contouring though...That's what I use mine for now.

It's alright

This primer defiantly made my face really smooth, but it didn't help my makeup stay on any better. I was hoping for more from the product. For the price, I wouldn't recommend it.

It's okay

I had this mascara for a while; I didn't think it was anything super amazing, but it wasn't bad. It seemed like I had to put on sooo many coats to get it to actually cover. It did very well of keeping my lashes separated & whatnot, but yea.


I love my Chi. It's one of my most prized possessions. I had my last one for six years & it still worked great, but my fiance bought me a new [awesome blue one!] because my other one was looking a little rough. SO worth the money!


I love this mascara. I've never had the issues others seem to of had. It went on smoothly & made my lashes look great. I just ran out a few days ago & definitely plan on getting more!