Beauty Product Reviews

The hunt for the BEST conceal our brush is over.

I have been looking for a concealer brush for a while and have tried different types for under the eyes, from fluffy brushes to rounded flat synthetic brushes with a smaller head, and even the mini Beauty Blender.

This one I prefer the most as it doesn't dry the product under your eyes like hair bristle brushes. The Beauty Blender is good but it takes some product away from the eye, leaving them still dark. This brush however, is thin, nice and firm and the length is perfect for patting and pulling concealer across, even reaching the inner and outer corners of the eye.

What I want is a brush that when you test a concealer with your finger at the makeup counter, you will be sure that that is what it will look like when you use it at home and I believe you will with this brush. Doesn't make it look dry, nor flakey, and what you pat on is what you are left with.

Solid Spinner; But Do You Need It?

This base is a solid piece surprisingly. The brush stand itself is much lighter and made of a normal sort of acrylic. I bought this and the stand together and I do use both. Do you NEED it? Not sure... The brush stand itself does the job of drying your brushes without the base. But I purchased it as I like to have items feel "complete". I only have a small bench space so I probably wouldn't have needed it, but I will keep it because I know I will make room in the future to spin this thing around just for fun as my collection of things keeps growing. Another point, it does hold the stand in place and is not flimsy.

Removes Makeup So Well. Even on Brushes.

I bought this off another site initially but thought I'd review it here because I will most likely start purchasing off Beautylish instead because this company is just AMAZING!

Originally made for the sponge, I actually used this more so for my brushes more so. It worked so unbelievably well. I know people say, "oh just use shampoo, etc" but I tried shampoo and that was too tiring, as I had to give it a proper wash just to rid of my liquid foundation. I even resorted to liquid detergent (for the stubborn foundation on my brushes, not recommended as it's drying, overly soapy, and doesn't really work), and it was like I had to soap several times just to get the product out. But with the Beauty Blender Solid, I would simply wash through with the soap, squeeze the product and water out and my brushes were fluffy and white again like new. It practically melted the dirt off.

I found it gentle and highly efficient at cleansing. Lasted me well and kept my Hakuhodo brushes looking and feeling fresh and clean. Sticky foundation, no problem.

Payoff is Amazing!

This is amazing. I received it as a gift from a friend who mentioned that the colour didn't suit her. And what a surprisingly nice gift it was. I know CT says this is a swish around then pop the middle soft of way to use it, but you can use it as you wish. Not glittery. No ugly sparkles. Just smooth softly milled powder. This would go so well with a Suqqu cheek brush. People often say its too beautiful or soft a brush to use, but will be so perfect with this product as it's so pigmented and only a tiny fluff on the cheeks with your softest brush will do.

If you love soft beautiful brushes then pair it will this beautiful product and you will receive amazing payoff and just that amazing feeling of soft bristles on your cheeks giving you that perfect flush.

Def for blush lovers, AND brush lovers!

Not Bad. Not Amazing.

I wanted to like this. And I did. But I didn't love it. The colours are lovely, but the texture isn't the best. I found it almost lumpy, or rather, rough in texture. This is comparing to softer eye shadows, so if you prefer smoother pigments, this isn't so. However, I do love the colours in this palette which is why I purchased it. And I found it very hard to find beautiful tones of green, without looking like Kermit. If you want these particular colours then I would purchase, but I wouldn't want to collect her other shadows. The packaging is light, more plastic-like, and not as solid as her amazing lipsticks which I love. Overall it is an ok product and I don't regret purchasing it.

Pigment is Even Better Than Expected

I bought this after hearing so much about it from Wayne Goss as well as reviews online. Tom Ford is always listed as the best alongside Urban Decay in reviews. In comparison, I found that the pigment payoff is far superior to TF and UD. A little goes a long way. The texture is not as soft and powdery as TF and is more reminiscent of UD, but I actually like that. It's more packed into the pan but lifts onto the brush easily. I found that this makes the eyeshadow stay put longer than the TF and UD. No creases. I used my Wayne Goss 18 brush to pat it onto the lid and then softened it with a fluffier brush. Amazing.

The middle shade in this Honey Brown T15 palette is just incredible. It made my dark eye pop, and I didn't expect that at all. Highly recommend, especially this palette for darker eyes. It's much nicer than the regular browns we all have.