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Doesn't blend well, dries too quickly, and settles into pores

It is ok in pigment, so it conceals any discoloration. But it will reveal even the slightest irregularity in skin texture, whether pores or lines or flakiness.

Also, I use a transfer-resistant foundation, so I'm used to working very fast. However, this concealer dries even too quickly for me. Once you put it on, good luck trying to blend it out.

PROS - Price - Dries down to very matte, slightly powdery texture - Longer lasting than even a transfer-resistant foundation. 8+ hours. - If you have smooth, oily eyelids, this would make a very decent eyeshadow primer

CONS - Dries too quickly, before you can blend out the edges. - ACCENTUATES ANY AND ALL PORES AND LINES!!! - ACCENTUATES EVEN THE TINIEST BIT OF FLAKINESS!!! - Too dry to use under the eyes.

Not particularly moisturizing, but doesn't migrate, even without liner

My favorite Charlotte Tilbury purchase thus far (I also bought the lipgloss and eyeshadow palette) The color is wearable vampy - a small amount of very dark brown with a berry color. It has no shimmer, but it isn't matte either.

CONS - easy to find a cheaper color dupe - not moisturizing. I need to put on Aquaphor underneath. - need to put on about 3-4 layers for true color payoff. Definitely NOT as pigmented as other high-end brands.

PROS - decent staying power - I touch up once during the work day (after eating) - can reapply directly on top without the new coat balling up and getting lumpy - even without liner, I can apply straight from tube and get a super duper crisp line. And it stays crisp. - did I mention the super duper crisp line?

Colors are decent though not spectacular - but the texture is incredible

Although the colors aren't that unique and spectacular, the palette is absolutely worth the price in terms of texture and pigmentations. Very little fallout on my cheeks, even if I apply with a heavy hand, because the texture isn't powdery or crumbly at all.

PRIME SHADE (Slight sheen) - refined sheen, which is awesome. Pale girls, be careful - it looks lighter in the pan. On my eyelids, it looked tan.

ENHANCE SHADE (Matte) - it's ok. Berry shade. But just touch your brush to the pan, and you get a lot of pigment. But too similar to the smoke shade

SMOKE SHADE (Matte) - kind of whatever. Wannabe eggplant color, but it applies quite sheer. And thus looks like the enhance shade when blended. It does layer well on top of black liner to become a "real" smoke shade.

POP SHADE (Super-glittery) - use your finger to press it on your lids. Very little/no glitter fall out. Rich, burnished gold shade. But yes, it has big chunks of glitter.

$22 for a solid, but not spectacular, lipgloss - not worth it

There's nothing wrong with it, but the price point is too high for what you get. If the lipgloss was closer to $10-$15, it would be a better reflection of the quality and color.

CONS - container is TINY - texture is a bit sticky (my hair gets caught on it during windy days) but it's not nearly as sticky as MAC lipglasses. - color is ok (non-shimmery neutral berry color). No doubt you can probably find a dupe(s) in the drugstore. - Not particularly moisturizing - it just kind of sat on top of my lip.

PROS - it fades slowly and gracefully - because it just sort of sits on top of lips, it doesn't migrate too much - no weird taste - it has just a hint of vanilla