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Feb 26, 2012

Rose W.

I thought all of the photos were your work; however looking at the comments, I can see that it's not. You really should make an album and label it inspirations to make it more clear. Not to chastise, but if someone were to take my photos, then post them and not give me credit, I would be pretty upset. You have found some amazing photos, I think the artists would appreciate to be credited. Hope to see some of your work soon.  (:

Feb 28, 2012

Jay Y.

i never took credit for any of them and i don't know who the makeup artist are who did them soo....... i wouldn't know who to give credit to but everyone pretty much can tell and knows already that all the photos iv posted are just to inspire people i really love the different hair and makeup looks and i do plan on trying most of them out when i get my whole make up set together

Nice album of uploads chick

Jan 23, 2012

Joyce K.

wher u get this pic frm? beautylish.c o m/f/iwrpnu the watermark is too tiny i cant c it

Jan 17, 2012

Natalie G.

Why don't you just create a gallery 'Inspiration From Others' and add all the pics to that. Then there's no confusion, it's plain for everyone to see that your just appreciating other peoples work. You may have stated a number of times in your comment feed that the work is not yours, but that comment might not be recent enough to show automatically. At least this way will avoid any misunderstanding :)

Jan 17, 2012

Jay Y.

Lol that sounds like alot of work to re save all 100+ photos and I dont even know how to make a inspiration gallery

Jan 17, 2012

Natalie G.

If you click on add/edit photos on your main profile, create gallery comes up on the right. Name it appropriately then when you click on each of your photos you will then have the option to add that photo to the gallery, this option is also on the right hand side, below products used. It's really not a lot of work when you consider the fact that it will stop people accusing you of being a thief...and really, it's the respectful thing to do :)

Jan 15, 2012

Jay Y.

And I dont have the timee to reply back to every comment thar sayss ohh your talented to correct them that its,not mee whos talented its somone else shittt enjoy the pictures and leave it at that !!! 

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